Public Holiday Misuse

I found it interesting that a recent newspaper article told us not to misuse public holidays.

The point of the article was:

  1. There are too many public holidays in Malaysia
  2. Public holiday misuse happens when you take leave to stretch the public holiday into the weekend
  3. Public holiday misuse makes employers cry because employees are not productive

Take the example of the next couple of weeks. If you take 7 days of leave, you could have an 18-day stretch without work.

Anyway, I’m not the kind of person who marks out all the dates to maximise my leave.

Don’t get me wrong. I love public holidays as much as anyone else.

It’s just that I’m a little strange. I don’t like to have holidays when everyone else is on holiday.

If I had a day off when everyone else was also having the day off, it would just feel like a normal weekend wouldn’t it?

Restaurants and shopping malls would be packed. You can’t travel anywhere because highways and tourist destinations would be jammed with traffic.

But imagine if you opted to go to work when everyone else took the day off!

  1. Smooth traffic to and from work
  2. No work disruptions (from customers or colleagues)
  3. High probability bosses not around

If you ask me, I wouldn’t know what to do if I had a stretch of 18 days at home. I think all the days would be wasted away.

3 or 4 days are nice. Anything more and I start to go mad.

I prefer to save my annual leave for those special treats:

  1. To watch a movie on a weekday and there is no one else in the cinema
  2. To travel during off-peak season and feel like I’m the hotel’s exclusive guest
  3. No traffic jams when driving out of town
  4. No crowds at tourist attractions

I guess, for me it’s a matter of quality versus quantity.

4 thoughts on “Public Holiday Misuse”

  1. I feel that not misuse le.. Just once in the blue moon we got such holidays la…

    Adino: True, but it’s quite funny that someone actually complained about it to the newspapers.

  2. Happy Chinese New Year Adino~ May you have a prosperous Dragon year ahead~ 😉

    Adino: Thanks, wish you prosperity, health and happiness also!

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