Prawn Mee

I’ve scheduled this post to publish today because I’m probably going to be busy with baby Caleb.

Today I just want to share about my special relationship with prawn mee, or prawn noodles.

prawn mee 1

I remember when I was younger, I was always amazed this dish had two different names. In KL we call it prawn mee (har mee) but in Penang they call it Hokkien mee. But in KL Hokkien mee is the black oily fried noodles. And sometimes it’s also known as Mee Yoke. It’s all very confusing.

But my earliest memories of Prawn mee was eating it every Sunday before church with my father in the Sin Kong coffee shop in SS15 Subang Jaya. I would always have a kopi-o ice with it.

Even until today, I will order kopi-o ice if I’m having prawn mee.

When I became a teenager, I would cycle with my friends to a coffee shop in USJ2 to have prawn mee there. It wasn’t as tasty, but it was my first time eating outside and ordering food on my own.

Sometimes we would cycle to Subang to have Lam Mee Yoke.

I would always have the same eating ritual. First I would pour all the belacan over the noodles. Then I would put some soup in the small plate used to serve the belacan and make sure I got all the belacan.

Next step is to mix it all around. Then I would eat all the noodles first, with a ratio of 1 spoon noodles with 3 spoons of soup. Only at the end I will eat all the meat and egg toppings, while finishing off the broth.

After I got married, we found a coffee shop nearby that sells prawn mee, so we’ve been getting it for breakfast every fortnight or so.

The taste is pretty good, and the prawn mee in these photos comes from that shop.

prawn mee 2




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