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Last month Poey Chin and I had a rare opportunity to hang out at the mall because we both had a day off. We would usually try to catch a movie but there wasn’t anything good in the cinema.

Nowadays we visit Paradigm Mall quite a lot. At least once a week, but frequently twice a week. What to do? It’s so near our home haha.

At the beginning I was not so keen to go there. When it first opened there were so many problems such as missing signage, sewage smell, lack of rest areas and confusing elevators. Thankfully all that has been fixed.

There’s so much improvement now and so many restaurants have opened there.

One of the restaurants we wanted to try was Plan B because we saw a lot of interesting photos on Facebook.

We sat down at one of the middle tables near the counter and ordered our food. The servers were rather efficient. We were seated and attended to immediately.

They even brought us a (free) bottle of water. That’s a very nice gesture. Just for that alone, I would go back there.

We ordered a cup of coffee and it was nicely decorated with a heart and came with a biscoti at the side.

I ordered a club sandwich which was really good. The sandwich is a piece of grilled chicken with bacon and vegetables between slices of toast. The sides are deep fried potato / yam and a salad.

The chicken was juicy and moist and the portion was enough for a big eater like me.

Poey Chin ordered a soft shell crab pasta. The pasta and sauce was good and the highlight was the crab, It was deep fried, spicy and salty which made the dish really appetizing.

Oh God it was so long ago (and I admit I’m forgetful) so I can’t remember the prices, but it’s quite reasonable. The bill for our lunch was probably under RM50.

I enjoyed our dining experience though the servers could improve their communication and table-side skills. Our server wouldn’t make eye contact with us at all, and I saw another server actually fidgeting impatiently with his pen when another table was ordering. Maybe instead of fidgeting he could suggest some items for them to try.

But no big deal, because the food was delicious and reasonably priced.

2 thoughts on “Plan B Paradigm Mall”

  1. Nice too know it’s not too expensive because I’ve yet to try Plan B. LOL
    You see I’m kinda frugal when it comes to eating out. Haha

    Adino: Yeah give it a try, not too expensive 🙂

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