PJ Half Marathon – So Noisy La

At around 5 plus this morning, there was a booming voice outside my condo. At first I thought Jesus was coming, and I nearly get off my bed and say my prayers liao.

But it turns out that it was the announcer of the PJ Half Marathon taking place nearby my condo. Every 10 minutes or so the voice would announce:

“Participants please wear your numbers at the back…”

“10km please go to counter 3, 5km please go to counter 2…”

Only people with numbers allowed to run…”

“Please don’t hog the toilets. You should have done your business at home”

“Announcement to Encik Adino Chang… please stop gorging yourself on the free Milo.”

Wake up everyone! I have a loud voice and I don’t care”

“Security, please go to the Milo vans immediately, we have a crisis with a Milo thief”

“Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the 2007 PJ Half Marathon!”

“We have a code red alert, security team compromised. Repeat, security team compromised!”

“Parents please take care of your children. They are running all around the stadium!”

“Encik Adino Chang has taken over the Milo van. The van is heading east. Please call for police backup”

Okay, then I woke up at around 6:30 and read Michael Crichton’s Next for a while, then I woke Poey Chin up. I peep peep outside (not that I’m nosy). Got a few people so gung ho they started jogging around the stadium before the marathon started!

During breakfast there were some awful songs being sung. I heard someone trying to impersonate Christina really well, even down to the grunts.

Then someone sang “Save the Last Dance For Me”. Hello? People running a marathon and you sing a song like that? Expecting people to die is it?

Anyway things have quieted down. I think most of the runners are out running somewhere and pengsan (fainted) already. I will try to report how the closing ceremony sounds like.

Do you think I should go out and score some free 100 Plus or something?

Update 10:30 am: After I published this blog post… it seems that everyone packed up and left. Sorry la, dun so siu hei (get offended easily) la… Sheesh… just because I said I wanted some 100 plus.

I won’t blog bad things about you anymore okay?

7 thoughts on “PJ Half Marathon – So Noisy La”

  1. hahahaha, poor thing, now u know how i feel when i lived opposite a surau…… every morning close to repentence, but then it was wrong God, so, good thing never repented to that god. 😉

    Adino: Hehe… yeah, the surau opposite your house quite active some more. Miss it? You can buy software that will automatically play the prayers on your PC 🙂 But, no disrespect to surau ok? *sweats* I don’t want to eat curry rice la.

  2. Sorry lah brother… I reckon you staying at Shang Villa… no choice.. every year, either soccer match, income tax submmission and also PJ half marathon that = half marathon that will cause havoc to the neighbourhood.
    You should’ve come down for the free milo, spaghetti, 100plus, free magazines

    Adino: Got spaghetti? Haih… looks like all gone now 🙂 Welcome to my blog and thanks for commenting! Btw do u live here too?

  3. Nope…my friend stay there so go there quite often.
    Almost bought a unit there, but changed my mind and decided on a landed instead.
    Congrats on your wedding!

    Adino: Good choice on getting a landed property! Here there’s quite a lot of restrictions on our freedom, plus the monthly maintenance fee is not cheap.

  4. Well, sometimes I do missed having facilities like swimming pool.. oh well, hopefully there will b a public swimming pool in my area soon.

    Adino: Yeah, for your active lifestyle you probably make full use of those facilities.

  5. eii…huccome the Milo van knows your name wan…!!!!!

    Adino to Milo van person: “Hi, I’m Adino Chang, the famous blogger. Can I have some free Milo? What do you mean you never heard of me? Another cup please. Actually I’m not that famous la haha.. your Milo so nice haha…

    *take one more cup* You visit my blog before? *sip sip* Much better than Vico *take another cup*

    You got blog or not? *gulp gulp* Who are you calling? *take one more cup*

    I take few cups only ma hehe… Why you call security? Free means free right? *drink one more cup*

    Stop calling! Oi! I start singing VICO song ah…

    Vee Aii See Oohh, VICO…. Vee Aii See Oohh, VICO!! … ”

  6. you should be glad the next run is in Subang … 🙂

    Adino: I got some friends joining the Subang run. Maybe I can go along and score some 100 plus! Btw welcome to my blog!

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