Pink Baby Patrick Steals a Kiss

*cue Pink Panther theme*

Okay, I know. I’m just too lazy to go find the midi, then embed it in this blog post, only to have you block it out with Adblock Plus.

One afternoon, baby Rachel was sleeping peacefully on Adino and Poey Chin’s bed. She was dreaming her baby dreams, unaware that she was going to get a surprise visitor. 
Daddy and mummy had bought a puppy called Baby Patrick for Rachel using Uncle JL’s generous gift of Canadian dollars. Baby Patrick fell in love with Rachel immediately. He snuck up to baby Rachel slowly, wagging his tail in excitement.
Baby Patrick realized that daddy was watching him. He was a very well trained puppy, and didn’t want to do anything without daddy’s permission. He turned to look at daddy, and seemed to be asking for approval. “Go ahead,” Adino said. 
Baby Patrick leaps onto Rachel’s tummy and crawled forward. Almost there, baby Patrick. Just an inch away! 
Mua! Baby Patrick plants a kiss on baby Rachel’s lips. Thus begins the epic tale of Baby Rachel and Baby Patrick.

Their adventure continues…

9 thoughts on “Pink Baby Patrick Steals a Kiss”

  1. woah…
    rachel is getting cuter each time u post up her pics..
    muackkkkzzz to baby rachel~~
    big hug to mei mei

    Adino: I got to take more photos then… sometimes just too lazy.

  2. You know, I thought it was a *real* puppy! Phew, good thing it wasn’t! (That would have been unsafe.)

    Adino: Nah, it was just a soft toy

  3. Looking forward to the next adventure!
    Cute Patrick, I got the big red ones. LOL

    Adino: Actually I don’t know if the pink one is a girl or not…


    but she looks so amazing….. wow. youre totally blessed

    Adino: There’s more money left over, just waiting to buy her toys when she gets older

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