Photos from Penang Holiday

Last month we had a short holiday in Penang. I didn’t get to take many photos, and it was raining so we didn’t go out much.

Here’s a photo of Poey Chin and baby Daryl on the beach. Daryl just spent a lot of time listening to the waves and looking at all the water.

poey chin and daryl in tanjung bungah beach penang

I took Rachel to the edge of the sea to let her feel the waves lapping at her feet. She was scared of the waves. I think she doesn’t understand why water behaved in such a strange way.

Another photo of Poey Chin and baby Daryl taken in our hotel room.

poey chin and daryl in penang

Baby Daryl wearing a cute cap. He looked so adorable in it, but he can’t wear it anymore because he’s outgrown it.

daryl wearing cute cap in penang

We had lunch in a food court somewhere in town. It was a covered food court with lots of stalls and lots of people. We had mee rebus, rojak, ABC, fruit. fried koay teow, tong sui, o chien, lo bak, fruit juice and cendol.

penang food

Rachel enjoying herself in the food court.

rachel enjoying herself in penang

Rachel looks more grown up each time I take her photo. She’s really improved her social skills after attending daycare for a month.

You’ll see the difference in the next set of photos I publish (scheduled some time next week).

rachel enjoying herself in penang

The kids taking a nap in the hotel room after a long day.

Usually we don’t let them sleep together because we worry about Rachel being too rough. But we had no choice in Penang. They had to sleep between us parents because we didn’t want them to roll off the bed.

kids sleeping in penang

They look so cute together!

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