Photos February 2011

Here are some photos I found on my computer.

Daryl was starting to have his two front teeth. Too bad you can’t see them in this photo.

He picked up the habit of chewing on the wood at the sides of the crib. He can chew through the paint and scrape off the wood.

We had to cover the crib with cloth to prevent our little chipmunk from chewing out the crib.

Daryl Chang before teeth

Daryl has also started pulling himself up on his feet. He can’t stand unsupported but he can pull himself up on to reach for things on the coffee table and TV cabinet.

Daryl Chang standing in crib

I see so much of myself in Daryl. I wonder what would happen in he could travel back in time and meet myself when I was the same age.

Hmm now that’s an interesting story idea.

Adino Chang Baby Photos

Rachel is growing taller and smarter by the day.¬†She’s good at imitating others, and she is really playful.

I just wish she wouldn’t make a fuss at the wrong times. And I wish I could be more patient with her.

Rachel Chang CNY 2011

She just loves copying everything Poey Chin does.

She combs her hair the same way, she uses Poey Chin’s lotion on her face and hands, she sprays perfume and she even put on lipstick. We’ve bought her a lip gloss for her to apply on her lips.

Rachel Chang vanity

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