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Piano Teacher Kelana Jaya, Petaling Jaya Photo By JoshSemans

Today I want to share with you about a lovely piano teacher for piano lessons in Kelana Jaya, Subang Jaya, Ara Damansara, USJ and Petaling Jaya.

It is my pleasure to introduce you to my wife  Nichole Lim, who is a music teacher with more than 13 years of teaching experience. She was professionally trained at Sedaya College and can teach you both classical and contemporary playing styles.

Nichole is a home piano tutor who is based in Kelana Jaya. She conducts private piano lessons around the nearby areas.

Nichole teaches according to the ABRSM syllabus. She has an excellent track record with 85% of her students scoring distinctions in exams and 100% pass rate.

If you just want to learn piano as a hobby without worrying about exams, she can also tailor her classes to teach you how to play your favourite songs for leisure.

If you are somebody who regrets of not taking your music lessons seriously or quitting half way, then it is never too late to start again. Nichole has conducted piano classes for students of all ages and levels of experience.

She is a kind, friendly but firm teacher who expects students to be serious and practice regularly. She finds joy in finding hidden talent and watching students find confidence in their musical abilities.

Nichole Lim also conducts keyboard and alto saxaphone classes.

Additional Information

  1. Teaching hours are from Monday to Friday, 9:30am to 4:00pm only. We try to keep weekends free for family time.
  2. Nichole is based in Kelana Jaya, so she would not be able to travel too far away.
  3. For fastest response, please email her at to find out her charges and availability.

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76 thoughts on “Personal Piano Teacher In Kelana Jaya”

  1. i would be interested.

    except that i’m not a KL/PJ resident.

    btw, nichole is an unusual name, just like adino.

    Adino: Yeah the spelling is unique.

  2. wow 85% scoring distinctions. Pls check with your wife, when shall enrol Ben for piano lesson, he is now 3 years and 2 months. 😉

    Poey Chin: Better wait till he’s 4 or 5 so he will have better understanding. Make sure he knows how to count, write, colour, sit still for half hour and understand instructions.

    I’ve taught 3 year olds before but only one of them can sit still and listen to instructions. It’s not impossible and it depends on Ben’s personality


  3. Hi!

    I am looking for piano teacher for my kids and staying in Sunway Damansara. ABRSM about Grade 3 this year. How much is the charges? and what is your available time slot?


    Adino: Hi Jess, I will get my wife to email you her phone number.

  4. Hi! Looked thru’ your website, wat a lovely family. I’m looking for a piano teacher for my son, we r staying at Bandar utama. Contact me?

    Adino: Alrite, will pass your email to my wife.

  5. Hey,I am living around kelana jaya.I’m looking for a piano teacher and a violin is your charge?

    Adino: Thanks for your enquiry. My wife will email you with the details shortly.

  6. Hi, I am looking for a piano teacher for my daughter and we are staying in Kelana Jaya. Can I have the teaching hours on Sat or Sunday because we have to work during weekdays. And also what is your charging rate?

    Adino: Hi Andy! She only teaches on weekdays at this moment. I will forward your query to my wife. Thanks.

  7. I am looking for a Piano teacher in Kelana Jaya. How can I contact you.

    Adino: Hi, thanks for your enquiry. I will pass your email address to my wife.

  8. Hi. I am looking for a piano teacher in Kelana Jaya. I stay at Kelana Sentral Apartment. Is that near to your house? And i would like to know the charging rate. Thank you.

    Adino: Yes it’s nearby. I will forward your contact to my wife.

  9. Hi, am looking for a piano teacher for my 4 yo daughter. Would Nichole be able to come to TTDI and how much is the charges? Thanks.

    Adino: Thanks Irene for your enquiry, I’ve forwarded your email to my wife.

  10. hi, my son 10 year old current is grade 4 level, we stay in subang jaya ss12 and how much is the charges?

    Adino: Hi! Thanks for your enquiry, I’ll forward your contact to my wife and she will email you soon.

  11. i am looking for a piano teacher who can travel to student’s house. thank you.

    Adino: I’ll let my wife know, thanks!

  12. Hi Adino,

    I’m looking for a piano/music teahcer for my daughter.She is now learning in YAMAHA Junior Extention Class.I have no background of music.Can you let me know the chargers?Please.If its during Weekdays she is vailable during morning till 12.Because she is in the afternoon class.

    Do sms me 013-*hidden*.Thanks so much.

    Adino: Hi, thanks for your enquiry! Yes weekday mornings are ok. My wife will contact you soon.

  13. Hi, I’ve just come across this now and wondered if your wife still teaches piano? Does she do it at your home, as I don’t have a piano of my own, I have somewhere I can practice, and I have a keyboard though. Would be interested to find out more,

    Thanks, Laura x

    Adino: Hi Laura! Yes she is still teaching music. I’ll get her to email you for more details.

  14. Hi, my two (2) daughter 12 and 9 years old currently is grade 4 & 2 level, we stay in Kelana Jaya, SS3 and would like to know how much is the charges?

    Adino: Hi Annie. thanks for your enquiry! I’ll forward your request to my wife and she’ll email you shortly.

  15. Hi Adino,

    I am looking for a piano teacher that can come to our house at USJ 3C, to teach my kids (classical) and me (pop).

    Please let me know if Nicole can teach my kids and me at USJ 3C.

    Please email me the charges as well.

    thanks, mate.

    Adino: Hi Yong I’ll forward your contact to her and she will email you soon. Thanks!

  16. hi, am staying in ss5 kelana jaya.. would like to hv a piano teacher for my grade 1 girl.. she used to study at sunwave. pls contact me ya..thank u 😉

    Adino: Thanks Azura, my wife will email you soon.

  17. hi Adino,
    i wonder if i can learn how to play piano at ur place..
    if possible, will u let me know how much the cost fee?
    btw, im 27 🙁

    Adino: Hi, yes my wife does conduct classes at our home. Age is not a problem. She will email you soon with the details. Thanks!

  18. Hai Adino, I would like to have more information about piano lesson for my std 2 daughter.

    Adino: Hi, I will forward your email to my wife. She will respond to you soon. Thanks!

  19. Hi, my daughter is searching for a piano teacher. Would appreciate if you could contact me via email for further details. TQ.

    Adino: Hi Annie, I have forwarded your request to my wife and she will contact you soon.

  20. Hi. My daughter is interested to learn piano. Im staying in PJ. Can i get further details fm your wife re her personal classes.


    Adino: Hi Putri, I will forward your request to my wife and she will email you with details.

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