Peace of Mind

security camera by Robert Linder

I’ve been sleeping rather easier for the past few nights.

You see, I’ve had a secret I didn’t want anybody to know. I kept this secret for four years, a secret I’ve had since I moved into this condo.

The secret was, I have never changed the locks to my condo.

Yes that’s right. The only thing I changed was the padlock, and that’s not locked half the time.

The previous owner or the previous tenants could just walk up to the front door and let themselves in with their key.

Well that’s all a thing of the past, because I’ve finally changed the locks last week. Plus, I’ve bought one of those locking clamps to secure my front grille.

nakamura locking clamp

(image taken from manufacturer site

So now I’ve got four locks on my front door.

Disclaimer: I don’t have a lot of treasure in my condo, but I can sleep better knowing my precious wife and children are safer.

The other thing I’ve finally settled was changing my water heater.

We sent the water heater for repairs once before, but it came back and broke again. It would cost money just to get someone to come, not even counting the cost of spare parts.

I put it off for almost a year, but I’ve finally bought the cheapest water heater from Panasonic for RM250. Now we have two fully functional bathrooms.

Yes, no more cold showers in the morning.

I have peace of mind for now.

Photo By: Robert Linder

3 thoughts on “Peace of Mind”

  1. with 4 locks, better make sure the keys are easily accessible in case of fire!! which, reminds me – keep a fire extinguisher handy.

    Adino: Oh, good idea!

  2. Water heater is really something you can’t live without

    Adino: Once you get used to it, feel scared to take cold showers any more. It’s a nice luxury to have.

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