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In the past couple of weekends, the two of us felt adventurous. So we took the three kids out to shopping malls.

We made a trip to Tropicana City to try Papa John’s for the first time.

We arrived around 6:30 pm and the place was empty. We chose the table on the right. The place slowly filled up around 7pm.

papa johns tropicana city

We ordered Set Meal A that included a regular pizza (Super Papa’s), bread sticks, baked potato wedges and two drinks. We also ordered a Little Papa set for the kids, which came with a plate of beef balls spaghetti bolognaise and juice.

Here’s a photo of the drinks. We had strawberry soda, 100 plus and orange juice.

trio of drinks at papa johns

Sorry, no photos of the food because we were too busy taking care of the kids when the food arrived. Okay that’s just an excuse. The food looks so delicious I totally forgot about taking photos.

We really liked Papa Johns because the pizza tasted fresh and the dough was light. The bread sticks were delicious especially served with a garlic butter dip.

Total cost of the meal was around RM44.

Last weekend, we made a trip to Citta Mall. It was raining and we were glad to discover the underground car park.

So many car park spaces, on a weekend night. This is just wonderful!

citta mall car park

We ate at the brand new McDonald’s. It still smelled so new, and we really liked the comfortable environment.

It has a new interior decor design. Plush round stools, long communal tables and wood panelling. It reminded me of the new McDonald’s that opened in PD.

Took some photos but they were too blurry to show here.

Oops now you know our secret… we visit McDonald’s quite often.

No wonder I’ve gained a few kgs.

After dinner we took a walk around the mall and saw some nice cafes. Will be nice to go there for a quiet cup of coffee with Poey Chin, without the kids running around.

“Rachel, don’t run off by yourself… Daryl, cannot touch that! No we cannot buy that. Don’t poke the papayas!”

Stress 100%.

There wasn’t much to see at Citta Mall. There was a Harvey Norman, but why go if I couldn’t afford to buy anything?

Heard rumours that a cinema will be built there.

It’s tiring for us because we have to carry Caleb, the baby bag, and run after the two older kids.

But at least the kids enjoy themselves. It is a nice distraction for them to be out of the condo for a few hours.


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