Our Weekend Escape to Melaka

Last week I mentioned that Poey Chin and I were going to Melaka for a short trip over the weekend. It was a wonderful trip. Melaka hasn’t changed much since I last visited it few years ago (except for the mega shopping mall that has appeared opposite Mahkota Parade).

Unfortunately I got an inflamation in my gums, so I was feeling quite sick throughout the entire trip. It’s getting better, but I haven’t recovered yet. Me being sick meant that I spent a lot of time resting in the hotel. And I did get a good rest because the room was so comfortable.

We checked in to the Renaissance Hotel in the heart of Melaka city. Our room was ni-ice… with a king-sized bed.

There were six pillows (that turned out to be a bit too soft). The room even comes with a three seater sofa.

Ooh… look at the toiletries provided. Comb, bath salts, mouthwash, vanity kit, you name it, they got it.

The view outside our room was quite nice. The first thing I saw was the Tan Kim Hock store that sells all sorts of local goodies such as dodol and durian cendol.

Looking further we could see the rest of the town all the way to the Straits of Malacca sea. We could even see the red buildings at church street and the Mahkota Parade shopping centre.

That evening we went to have dinner at a Nyonya restaurant called Bibik Neo. It’s located on Jalan Merdeka in Taman Melaka Raya. We found this restaurant from a travel guide located in the hotel.

We had a few simple dishes that were quite unique. First was a chicken dish (I forgot the name.. is it ayam pongteh?) cooked with potatoes and spices.

Another dish was the asam fish cooked with ladies fingers. I know I shouldn’t eat spicy food but I couldn’t resist.

Along with the meal we had a plate of stir-fried vegetables, rice and cendol for dessert. The food was nice, but slightly expensive coming to RM49 for the two of us.

After dinner we went to Jalan Hang Jebat to the famous Jonker Walk. There were hundreds of tourists there. They had a lot of stalls selling antiques, toys, souvenirs, clogs and womens accessories. Poey Chin found some honey candy on a stick that she hasn’t had for a long time. I was fascinated by all the traditional houses there, especially those Hokkien and TeoChew associations who were having special shows.

The next day we had some more cendol at an old shop near our hotel. It was delicious. The coconut milk was sweetened with gula Melaka and some red beans were added into the cendol making it super soothing to my inflamed gums.

We left early for KL because I wanted to spend some time at home recovering. I didn’t want to suffer at work on Monday if my gums didn’t heal properly. We checked out before 11 and headed for home.

I can’t wait to visit Melaka again. Next time, I will make sure I eat double portion to make up for eating so little this time. I would also take more pictures next time.

6 thoughts on “Our Weekend Escape to Melaka”

  1. Your room rate must be damn expensive.

    Adino: It depends on how you look at it… you get what you pay for right?

  2. I stayed there once as well as the one in Kota Bahru. Nice!

    Adino: Yeah it was nice. Too bad I wasn’t completely healthy. We didn’t get to enjoy some of the facilities like the pool.

  3. Oh Melaka, I love love love the town. It’s on my visit list the next time we go back to Malaysia. 🙂
    The Renaissance Hotel looks nice! My parents stayed there before a few years back, it was quite dated then. They must have refurbished the hotel since.

    Adino: Yes, the hotel looks nice. I would prefer to call it ‘classic’ rather than dated. It sort of suits in to the historic feel of Melaka town. A newer hotel would be the Equatorial Melaka. Looks quite good from the outside.

  4. Pongteh rules! lol one thing i don like bout melaka is the extremely hot weather. its almost unbearable in the afternoons! always makes me drowsy and sleepy. Zzzz

    Adino: It was delicious without being too salty like Chinese food. And it was hot… after walking around for one hour I was drenched with perspiration. But then again, it is hot everywhere in Malaysia nowadays.

  5. ah..u forgot to mention in yr post it’s ytr honeymoon..:) of coz need a nice room but aduh gum inflammation kesian poor Adino Rm49 for the meal seems so cheap for such lovely food. msn *hidden*@hotmail

    Adino: Oh yeah hor.. I said it’s our second honeymoon. But I think not counted la because I got sick 🙂

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