Our Two Boys

Today I want to share with you some photos of our sons Daryl and Caleb.

Cute chubby Daryl, so adorable and lovable. He walks everywhere and can be so manja sometimes.

201108 sons 1

He is imitating everything Rachel does. He will try to dance, run around, scream and even trying to sit on the potty like her.

At this stage he can’t sit still and sometimes it looks like he’s starting to test his boundaries.

He is growing so quickly. Just last month we bought him a pair of shoes, and recently we had to buy him another pair.

His incisors are starting to grow out, and he’s started chewing on things around the house again. Here he’s chewing on his baby chair.

201108 sons 2

Daryl and Caleb taking a nap.

It’s quite difficult to predict how the both of them will get along. At this moment Daryl still treats Caleb like a toy.

He will go “ti ti” *poke Caleb’s tummy*, “ti ti” *poke Caleb’s hand*

201108 sons 3

Caleb will just lie still, looking a little puzzled with that perpetual frown, listening to our voices. I don’t think his eyesight is good enough to see us properly yet.

Oh oh, Caleb woke up. I was trying to move them closer together to capture both their faces in focus, but woke Caleb up instead.

201108 sons 4

Next photo with Daryl in focus. I look at Daryl now and he’s starting to grow out of his baby stage and enter his toddler stage. That time seemed to pass so quickly and I feel a bit of sadness and regret.

Never mind, I still have baby Caleb to fill that gap.

I don’t really have any idea how it will be like when they get older.

201108 sons 5

I just hope the two of them will remain our little angels forever.

The confinement auntie is leaving in a few days. Our ‘honeymoon’ period is over, and we will be trying to juggle all three of the kids by ourselves.

P/S: Is it just me, or does Caleb look like he’s balding? *sob sob*

4 thoughts on “Our Two Boys”

  1. Wow, can really tell that Daryl is starting to mature in this set of photos next to Caleb. 🙂

    p.s. I think it’s just the angle of the photos you’ve taken that make Caleb look like he’s a bit balding?

    Adino: Yeah maybe it’s just the angle haha,

  2. I think they will be great bro to each other. After all their age gap is about 1 year.

    Can see Daryl having the ‘tai ko’ look. Hehe

    Adino: Yeah haha but normally he doesn’t look like that. Just captured the photo at the right time

  3. Ooh i love the first pic of Daryl, our two boys sleeping together looks so peaceful huh? wish we can always have that moment 🙂

    Adino: Hope they will be good boys

  4. Hmm…do they look similar in size or is it DOF playing tricks on my eyes? 🙂 Happy 1-month birthday to Caleb!

    Adino: Thanks! No lah they are not the same size yet.

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