Our Sleeping Kids

A quick update: The confinement lady has gone home. It’s just Poey Chin and myself taking care of the kids at night.

Sleep deprivation is common, but at least I get to watch some World Cup at night.

Things are busy at work too. After the failure incident, we are starting again on another project. This time wiser, and hope we learned from our mistakes.

I hardly have enough time at the office, and don’t have any time to rest, which is good because I’m motivated to make things happen.

Oh yeah, back to the subject of this post.

Photos of our kids sleeping.

Rachel Chang sleeping toddler

Rachel has really grown up a lot. I look at her, and she’s grown taller now. Her features are no longer baby-ish. She looks more like a toddler each day.

Rachel Chang sleeping toddler

My sweet girl. So angelic when asleep, but driving us crazy when she’s awake. And yes, she’s still sucking a pacifier. No luck weaning her off so far. Any tips?

Baby Daryl Chang sleeping

I think this photo was taken about ten days ago. It was the day of Daryl’s full moon celebration. He got sick too. I think I passed my virus to him


Rachel Chang

Rachel is awake!

Rachel and Daryl Chang kids holding hands

After Rachel’s morning milk, she will look for her baby brother and try to touch him. She’s learning to be gentle with him, but we’re still cautious.

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