Our New Home

In January this year I blogged about our home being renovated.

Renovations were completed by the end of February.

90% of the changes were cosmetic, and 10% were repairs. We replaced all the plumbing and electrical wiring.

The House

The house is a double story terrace house in Damansara Utama. It was built around 40 years ago, and we are the third owners.

We are very grateful that the previous owner had done some extensions and renovations, and kept the house in good condition. It made our job much easier.

It’s slightly small for our family (it will be a challenge when our 3 kids are older), but this is what we can afford. For now, Rachel has her own room, and the two boys are sharing a room.

The main challenges we had were limited space, and a limited budget.

The Experience

This was the first time Poey Chin and I actually had to make so many decisions on the house.

When we bought our condo, we were too naïve and just accepted whatever the contractor suggested. In addition, we were just married and had no idea how many children we would have.

After living as a family for a decade, we knew exactly what we needed.

In a way, it was so tiring having to make decisions on every little thing. We looked at so many designs for tiles, toilets, fans, curtains, floors, furniture, paint, doors, and appliances.

But on the positive side, we’re much happier with what we’ve paid for in terms of effort and money.

Would we do it all over again? Yes, I believe we learned a lot from refurbishing this house. It’s such a waste that we won’t be able to put that knowledge and experience to use.

But unfortunately we don’t have the money to buy so many houses.


I’m pleased to share with you some photos taken toward the end of the renovation.

This is the back part of the kitchen. The walls are white tile. That space is the right corner is for the fridge.
This is the other half of the kitchen. The aluminum kitchen cabinets were not installed when we took this photo.

I wanted a simple, clean kitchen design so we didn’t install wall cabinets.
Our “back yard” is a 4 foot area where we put the washing machine. It also functions as a storage area.
We have a small 6′ X 6′ room downstairs, used as a guest room. We had to get a custom bed made to fit the small space. The window looks out into the “back yard”.
This is our room. We kept the wardrobe from the previous owner. Changed the floor and ceiling.
Another angle of our room, looking out the windows.
Our bathroom (sorry it hadn’t been cleaned yet when we took this photo). All tiles and fixtures are new. The cabinet mirror wasn’t installed yet.
The boys’ room. Wardrobe, floor and ceiling are new.
The other half of the boys’ room. The window is new. We put a study desk near the window, and their beds are on the right side.
Rachel’s room. The window, wardrobe, ceiling and floor are new.
Kids’ shared bathroom. All tiles and fixtures are new, and are the same design as our bathroom.

I just realized that I don’t have photos of our hall or front yard! But we didn’t really do much work in those areas.


We’ve been happily living in this house for over six months now. So far everything is good.

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