Our Hospital Stay

This time round, I managed to stay with Poey Chin at the hospital. The single rooms were all occupied, so we had no choice but to take a single deluxe room.

The single deluxe room costs RM338 per night (which cost more than a holiday apartment in PD).

The difference is, you get much more floor space, and it comes with a sofa bed.

This is how the sofa looks like in the day time…

sofa bed

At night it transforms into a cosy bed!

sofa bed

Although it may seem expensive (compared to RM90 for a 4 bed sharing room), I think it was money well spent because:

  1. I got to sleep with Poey Chin, helping her get water, food, get up, change, go to the toilet. I think it helped her feel better to have me close to her.
  2. I could wait in this comfortable room while waiting for Poey Chin to come down from the OT
  3. There was more space to put our stuff, didn’t feel so cramped
  4. More comfortable for visitors
  5. We got to discharge baby in our room instead of at the discharge room
  6. A single room with an extra bed will cost RM300, which is almost the same.

Poey Chin kept telling me that I looked like I was on holiday. It felt a bit like staying in a hotel room too, except you have nurses coming in every few hours.

I even went down to Starbucks at night to buy some pastries because we felt like munching some food.

hospital breakfast

This was Poey Chin’s first day breakfast… porridge, bread and Milo. I like how they cut the crust off the bread.

It was a really pleasant stay. Poey Chin and Daryl were well taken care of.

The only unpleasant thing was the bill haha.

P/S: Tip to save cost: bring your own maternity pads, latex gloves, bed lining, and baby diapers.

2 thoughts on “Our Hospital Stay”

  1. speaking from the other side, i can tell you that it may look like you’re saving a bit here & there. my personal experience is that even for me, working in the same hospital that my father was admitted to last year, there are a lot of miscellaneous items that are difficult to keep track of. for example, before my father was admitted, he was on regular medication prescribed by my colleague & purchased from the hospital’s pharmacy.

    when he was hospitalised, i decided to let him continue taking the medicine he had brought with him. he was initially charged RM3.50 for each (own) medication that was served by the nurses. 3 different tablets 3 times a day for the 3 weeks that he was admitted = RM600!! just for serving tablets which was previously bought from the hospital. is that ridiculous or not???

    i managed to get the charges reversed because i work there. what about others who has no idea what goes under “misc charges”??

    Adino: Whoa! Really interesting to see the ‘insider’ viewpoint. Thanks for sharing!

    I’ve got to start investing in one of these hospitals!

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