Oh Dear, What’s That?

You know, I was just looking at this photo and I noticed something on my forehead. Something that wasn’t there before.

Well. Maybe it was there. But it was never so noticeable.

Maybe it’s the weird lighting or the extra high ISO setting, but I can’t help but realize that my mole on my forehead is growing.

Okay I know what you’re going to say.

“Adino, you’re so vain. Nobody’s looking at your face. We’re looking at Rachel”

“Are you molophobic? You molcist!”

“Don’t make a mountain out of a mole la, you drama queen”

“Err… you need to lay off those Cheezels and Big Macs… can see your double chin already leh”

So do you think I should consider going for those mole-removal surgeries?

10 thoughts on “Oh Dear, What’s That?”

  1. Funny, I’m also listening to music while I read this post. I might be considered mole-phobic myself, though.

    (“Répondez s’il vous plaît”? “Reserve Seats Very Promptly” is something I never thought of… :D)

    Adino: I knew it was that French phrase you mentioned, but I don’t know the literal translation.

  2. Actually I was looking at Poey Chin and Rachel more. 😛 I guess as long as it doesn’t go a sudden, drastic change, the mole should be okay-lah. But if you’re uncomfortable about the change, why not get it checked out by a dermatologist?

    Thanks for plugging the blogger get-together! I hope some of your readers would like to come…

    Adino: Dermatologist sounds expensive 🙁

  3. The literal translation of RSVP is “Reply Please”, although I don’t think “RP” would look as pretty as “RSVP”.

    Adino: Thanks for the clarification!

  4. If the mole ain’t growing, it should be fine. But I know you can get it removed for as little as RM50 in just under 5 minutes. Drop me an email if you wanna know more…

    Adino: So cheap? I’ll consider it if it grows bigger.

  5. my monitor 15 inch… too small..i see nothing. if u dont like the mole, chop off the head hahahahahahahahh

    Adino: Wahhh… so cruel

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