No More Suffering

Just a short note today.

We just came back from Ipoh, the sad news is Poey Chin’s father has passed away last Sunday.

Sunday also happened to be Rachel’s second birthday.

He is no longer suffering, and thank God the whole family was there at his side.

Thanks for your kind thoughts and notes via SMS and email (some of you were sharp eyed enough to spot obituary in the newspaper).

There are no regrets looking back. There is only hope for a joyous reunion in heaven.

Everyone is going through the grieving process, at the same time busy getting things settled.

God is gracious in His favor, everything was done smoothly and in the right time.

For Poey Chin and myself, we are back in PJ to prepare for baby Daryl who will be delivered next week.

5 thoughts on “No More Suffering”

  1. Hi, Adino,

    I thought baby came early so you were busy … My condolences to you and your family.

    Take care.


    Adino: Thanks Vedis

  2. came here jus to check on daryl’s status 🙂 .. see i so kan chiong hehe

    Adino: Not so soon… will be middle of next week 🙂

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