No More Space

old things by Loretta Humble

Are you thinking about your Christmas shopping list yet? Have you made your list, and checked it twice?

Me too. I have been spending the last few weeks thinking about the practice of giving gifts for Christmas, and how it seems we have gotten so far off the mark.

I’ve come to realize we are so concerned with buying stuff, any stuff, as long as it is above a certain ‘acceptable’ price to give to our loved ones.

As Christmas day draws nearer, we get more desperate, grabbing anything we can find in the store while driving up our credit card bills.

It seems we’ve missed the point of what Christmas is all about. We say it’s all too commercialized but we don’t do anything about it.

I would like to suggest not giving us any presents this year. You can still do so if you want to, but please don’t feel obligated.

It’s fine, really.

No More Space

My home has run out of space. It’s just a small 1200 square foot condo, and we didn’t have the money to put in a lot of cabinets or closets.

I have no space for furniture, no space for appliances and definitely no space for decorative items.

My kids have enough toys, books and stationery to last a few years.

I find myself in an endless cycle of finding places for the new things that keep streaming into the house.

Sometimes I have to get rid of old things. which seems like such a waste.

Sometimes I have to give the new things away because I already have something similar.

Sometimes I have to keep the new things in storage, never to see the light of day again.

Sometimes I even have to keep stuff back in my parent’s home.

Either way, I’m desperately over capacity. Come visit my house and you can see for yourself.

I Have What I Need

We already have all the things we need.

I have multiple towels, soaps, perfume, containers and etc.

The only things we never seem to have enough of are milk and diapers. But nobody would give those as Christmas presents, would they?

I Can’t Afford It

Another reason why I don’t want to receive gifts is I can’t really afford to buy gifts in return.

Sorry to say that we are a single-income household, and I’m barely staying afloat. Recently I’ve had to send our kids to daycare which added almost RM1000 to our monthly expenses.

Insurance premiums and other large bills are coming at the end of the year.

I just cannot afford to buy things for everyone and I won’t feel nice if you gave me something and I didn’t give anything in return.

What Matters Most

I hope you understand my humble request.

I don’t want anyone to feel they have to give us any gifts to make us happy or to affirm our relationship.

To me, what matters most is our relationship and friendship. It’s the smile you give me and the warm handshake.

It’s knowing we love each other, it’s the blessed peace of knowing no anger or ill feelings.

It’s the catching up with each other and sharing conversation.

I don’t want to sound ungrateful, because I’m not. I will appreciate any gifts we receive but it’s not necessary. I would be just as happy without gifts.

What We Really Need

If you really want to bless us with gifts out of your generosity, here are some suggestions:

  1. Make a small donation to SPCA Selangor. Doggies have a special place in my heart.
  2. Clothes for our kids. They are growing taller and bigger by the second. Rachel is 2.5 years old and Daryl is 0.5 year old.
  3. Shopping vouchers or ang pau.

Photo By: Loretta Humble

3 thoughts on “No More Space”

  1. Wah this post is for who? hehehe
    You’re a Christian?

    I think a hug is a nice gift. 🙂

    Adino: More for my family and friends, but I guess it’s something everyone should think about also. Yup I’m Christian and celebrate Christmas!

  2. Totally understand! My habit is that, when i give gifts, everyone seems “deserving” and i feel like i should never leave out B if i give A. so most of the time i’ll end up with a long list of names that consist of the entire world and a very empty wallet.

    and with the baby’s arrival, expenses have sky rocketed too. so this year I’ve decided not to give out gifts too. But will bake some cakes and stuff for close friends (again, how to define “close”? T_T). now, i just hope that i have enough time to complete the baking project! ~_~

    Oh well, the spirit of giving is good, but not to the extend of taxing ourselves out financially and mentally! haha!

    Well hey, Merry Christmas Adino and family! =D

    Adino: Merry Christmas to you too!

  3. just wondering if you’re a single income household, how come still have to send kids to daycare?

    Adino: When send kids to daycare, my wife can try to find some part time work as a piano teacher. Also, going to daycare will help Rachel to make better use of her time instead of staying at home.

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