Nintendo Wii

I got a Nintendo Wii… Wheeeee!!! (and, might I add, a little Yippee!)

My sister actually got the Wii from Melbourne, and my dad brought it back when he came back from visiting her last week.

In case you don’t know what a Nintendo Wii is, it’s the latest Nintendo console with a very unique control system. The Wii remote can be used to point at your TV screen, and it can detect motion and acceleration.

I’ve been playing the Wii Sports that came bundled with the console, and so far I quite enjoy the Boxing game. I actually have to do boxing motions with my fists and my on-screen Mii will do the same! It’s really really fun!

I also like playing Tennis, where I can practice my forehand and backhand swings. It can even detect top-spin motion! Every time I play Tennis I try to imitate Ivanovic Federer.

Poey Chin isn’t very happy when I spend time playing with the Nintendo instead of spending time with baby, so during my ‘down time’ I take photos of baby Rachel together with the Nintendo Wii.

Baby watches me play and she’s very amused. She looks at me with round eyes and has a bemused smile. Sometimes she laughs at me when I get particularly active doing my Nintendo Wii moves.

I have to tell you, after playing for half an hour it really feels like a mini-workout. My arms get tired and I’m sweaty all over. I even need to take a break for water!

I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I’ve got some sort of sprain in my right shoulder after trying to hit home runs in the baseball game.

16 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii”

  1. eih..she still young ah..
    don teach her things that u shouldnt teach ah..
    next time as she grow she will stick to the games there…
    then u susah only..wakakak 😛

    Adino: I think she’s just smiling at her silly daddy

  2. wah lau eh, de nintendo taking ur baby time and also blogging time le.. dun get addicted ya! later PC scold scold.. hehehhe

    Adino: PC won’t scold la, I only play once every few days

  3. cogratulations! you’ve finally got it, how much your sister paid for it might I ask? you didn’t get the WiiFit meh?

    Adino: I don’t remember, I have to check the receipt. She didn’t get the Wii Fit in Australia because it’s too heavy to bring back. I will buy it locally.

  4. wah now u make me think of getting one too…but scared the kids get addicted to it!

    Adino: I think you will get addicted to it too! Hehe….

  5. Yay! Another Wii fan 😛 I’m hooked on tennis too. My arm and back ached for days when we first got the Wii, ‘cos we played tennis non-stop :p

    Adino: What other games did you get?

  6. I wish I had one too! Might help me lose that extra weight. Hehe.

    Who knows, next time baby Rachel will play Wii games with Daddy. Hehehe.

    Adino: I hope she will!

  7. Wii is hit now. I saw a lot of people talking about it. Even in today newspaper also got the news. I haven’t really see the real product yet.

    Adino: I don’t know why it’s not really popular in Malaysia.

  8. So I guess that’s your source of exercise nowadays, box into the air and tennis in front of TV? Fun! 😀

    Adino: Actually my source of exercise is still taking care of baby Rachel

  9. Wao~ you have the Nitendo Wii~~!
    i always thinking to have one, but it is too pricey for me~

    Adino: It’s not that expensive… less than RM1700 can get. But I advice you to get the US version for better compatibility with the games around here

  10. I don’t hear about this very often on your blog! Good too see you keeping your gaming spirit. Of course, don’t get too addicted. Rachel’s on your priority list! (It happens to me often, but after a few weeks or months of playing same PC game, it does get boring – which is a good thing.)

    Adino: I have to keep my ‘gamer personality’ suppressed… it’s not something married men are supposed to indulge in

  11. I also just got my Wii. Thinking of modifying it to play other games. Should cost about Rm200+ around PJ.

    Adino: I will go to the Curve area to see if any shops are willing to mod the Wii, and the price. I will post the details on this blog later, so stay tuned!

  12. heya!!! wowz i found ur site! haha u hv a nintendo wii? awesome! well i shud come visit more often now… XD oh well, so how’ve u been. still having a blast being a dad?

    Adino: Yes, come and visit!

    Being a dad, so far is 90% work and 10% pleasure!

  13. OMG, u got it!!!! If I got money I will buy one for me too… *Sob Sob*

    Adino: Save up to buy it lor… but I think for us, the problem is finding the time to play games

  14. hey hey! I played that too! Wahaha! But so far the best game for me is the Wii challenge game dunno whachamacallit name. Heh. Sorry. I didn’t play it for very long tho.

    Adino: Wii challenge? I dunno, have to look for it

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