Nice Gesture

We received this in the mailbox the other day. A card from Sunway Medical Centre nurses.

What’s do special about this card is, it was signed by the nurses at the maternity ward.

I’m sure they send it to every patient, but I think it’s a nice personal touch.

It was certainly consistent with the good service we had during our stay, and it seems like management has put some emphasis on customer care.

But then again, it should not be too much to expect five star treatment if you pay five star prices.

2 thoughts on “Nice Gesture”

  1. this is an exception rather than the norm, & it does leave a pleasant feeling even after you’ve left the hospital.

    presumably, they hope you’ll be a repeat customer!!

    Adino: I guess so, but we’re already repeat customers hehe… just hoping the three-peat won’t be so soon!

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