New, Old Light

Before we moved in to our condo, we installed these set of lights in our kitchen.

old lights

Like any modern homeowner, we installed energy saving bulbs or CFLs.

CFLs would save energy and save us money in the long term right?


We must have gone through more than ten light bulbs in the last four years.

Maybe the lights were not wired properly. Maybe there were power surges and spikes.

The bulbs couldn’t last more than a few months before they would burn out.

I don’t think we’ve been cycling the lights on and off too often. I even tried installing regular light bulbs but they wouldn’t survive either.

Last month two light bulbs failed.

So I had enough. I didn’t want to spend any more money on expensive light bulbs, so we replaced it with this fluorescent light.

new fluorescent light

No-frills, bright and economical. Now we have a new set of old (fashioned) lights.

Hope we don’t have any problems from now on.

My living room lights are giving me the same problem. The CFLs don’t last more than a year.

I suspect low quality light fixtures or low quality installation could be a factor.

I’ve been buying Phillips CFLs so I don’t think the light bulbs were an issue. I even tried buying some GE brand imported light bulbs but those died too.

Anyone have any idea what could be wrong?

In the future I would be careful about buying low-quality light fixtures. I guess our focus was mainly on the design and the price.

But how am I supposed to know which are good quality or not?

I would probably stay with fluorescent lights.

1 thought on “New, Old Light”

  1. Hello Adino,

    If you go by “elimination process”, the reason why the CFL burns out so fast is “most likely be due” to be the wiring within your light fixture (i.e. contact issue, poor quality wire or the wiring insulator got brittle and fine cracks on the wires allow small “short circuits” that “turns on and off” the CFLs and hence increased the number of cycles on the CFL).

    If your fluorescent light fixture does not burnt out over time, then there is nothing wrong with your house wiring, so the only factor is the light fixture that “connects” to the CFL.

    Just my deduction from what you wrote ;P

    Adino: Hi Greg, thanks for your excellent analysis! Hopefully there’s nothing wrong with the house wiring, because that would be horribly expensive to fix.

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