My Trip to New Zealand

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Today I just want to tell you about my trip to New Zealand.

I had planned a holiday with my wife and parents to New Zealand. Our flight was scheduled for yesterday so we were all excited and rushing to pack.

I realized with horror that I didn’t have time to pack anything. It was exactly like that time my family were moving house and I forgot about it.

Mummy kept asking me to pack my stuff in boxes and I said later, until I woke up one morning and she said we were moving on that day. There was a lot of cramming and frenzied packing!

Anyway I had to depend on my wife and mother to pack my luggage, and I couldn’t shake the feeling like I was forgetting something.

I rushed to pack all my personal items. My camera, my phone and some books to read on the plane. It was going to take 22 hours to fly to New Zealand, and I wanted to be prepared.

I was so excited and happy to be going on a holiday at last, and really looking forward to exploring the beautiful country of New Zealand.

Before I stepped out of my house, there was something in my arms. I looked down and it was baby Daryl.


Immediately I woke up and came back to reality.

It was such a disappointment because it was only a dream after all.

Photo By: thimoholst

8 thoughts on “My Trip to New Zealand”

  1. Hahaha and I was just getting jealous!

    Btw flight to NZ take 22 hours meh?

    Adino: I don’t think so haha… but in my dream world yes.

  2. cheh……….got conned by you. i really believed you were going nz, cis cis cis

    Adino: Sorry, didn’t mean to con you haha

  3. oh, you got me there 🙂 NZ is a place i would very much like to visit one day if for nothing else then a family reunion. My two sisters migrated there decades ago. It is a beautiful place

    Adino: Yup, is beautiful. Anyway the point of my dream was, I felt disappointed because I will not be able to travel for another few years.

  4. travel near near la, long holiday this week. its the company that makes the trip worthwhile..

    Adino: At this stage, travel isn’t much fun because the kids have no idea why we take them there, and they don’t like new environments. So end up, we parents stress only

  5. funny la come i didnt know we r going to NZ? anyway if u want to take us for a holiday there i wont mind packing..Matta fair is coming..hehe

    Adino: Still wanna go after our ‘experience’ in Camerons?

  6. yeah, it’s our annual family getaway. we got the tickets way back in march but haven’t planned much since then.

    Adino: So nice! Perhaps when my kids are older, we can plan annual getaways overseas.

    My biggest phobia: both my kids screaming on the plane and everyone glaring at us.

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