My Second Nuffnang Cheque

Nuffnang HSBC Cheque 2

I just got my second Nuffnang cheque in the mailbox!

My earnings this time was RM210.58, which took longer to accumulate compared to my first cheque.

I will use the money to extend my domain for another 5 years.

Thanks Nuffnang, and keep those wonderful campaigns coming!

4 thoughts on “My Second Nuffnang Cheque”

  1. I was sooooo…. jealous. I never reach higher from Nuffnang

    Adino: I’m sure you can do it too!

  2. You took 1 year to accumulate this amount? I need few years leh. LOL

    Still haven’t cash out mine at all. Waiting till I have banyak-banyak. Haha

    Adino: More than 1 year… the first cheque was 1 year. Second cheque more like 1 year 3 months. Hope the next cheque comes faster hehe

  3. Did you compare the pay-per-click between nuffnang vs adsense?
    I am wondering which one is better? Currently I am using adsense.

    Adino: I like NuffNang because you aren’t paid based on PPC. It’s paid per ad campaign and you get bonuses if you achieve a high CTR.

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