My Princess

It’s been a few months since I’ve posted photos of baby Rachel. I got some feedback that this blog has turned into a daddy blog haha. I guess I can’t help it. As my life evolves, so will this blog.

Well, baby Rachel is 9 months old now. The normal milestones have passed, such as pulling herself up and crawling all over the house. We’re still waiting for her teeth to come.

Soothing her gums by chewing on her fingers…

… or chewing anything she finds.

At this stage I am starting to see glimpses of her intelligence. I don’t mean to say that she’s a genius, but I’m starting to see her personality and her thought process. Intelligence as in, intelligent life form.

Last night I came home late. For the first time in her life I took the time to tell her all about my day. She actually sat there and listened to me. She looked in my eyes and was actually interested in what I was telling her.

That connection was so amazing that I feel like doing that again tonight. In that father-daughter time we had, I taught her another naughty trick to irritate mama.

No, not sticking out her tongue. I taught that to her at two months.

Not crying to get what she wants either. I think that comes naturally for girls.

I don’t think I want to repeat what I taught her here. It’s just some silly thing that won’t sound interesting at all if I try to describe it.

She is also starting to get more attached to me. She will actually choose me over Poey Chin sometimes.

All these photos were from a few months ago. I guess it’s time to get my camera and snap more photos of my princess.

13 thoughts on “My Princess”

  1. Walamak.. first pic is da BEST.. Hahax..
    yaya.. post more.. i’m addicted to her cuteness..
    Hahax.. Oh ya.. just wana ask ya..
    does PC hv her own blog/msn/email??
    if she hv, would you mind to give it to me??
    Hahax.. Happy Always..=)

    Adino: Sure, I will ask her to contact you

  2. the stick out tongue is the best..somemore got mess…
    hahaha cute cute….
    geram d..wanna pinch pinch her…LOL

    Adino: I pinch her cheeks every day!

  3. Yes, please start clicking that camera of yours 😀

    p/s crying to get what they want, comes naturally for ‘all’ toddlers la (boys included)…no? 😛

    Adino: It’s quite hard to take photos of her nowadays, she keeps grabbing the camera and moving around

  4. Hi , yr little princess looks so grown up already from the time we last saw her …hehe
    I showed my parents and they said she takes after her mummy more …and still has some of you 🙂
    She is a very adorable and pretty girl too !!

    Adino: Thanks for the compliments! I think she starts to look more like Poey Chin too.

  5. after work go home see your daughter sure happy lol

    Adino: Yeah, look forward to go home each day! By the way, I can’t seem to leave comments at your blog. Don’t know if some scripting errors?

  6. Rachel is cute.

    Adino: Thanks! Maybe one day we will get to visit Sibu and you can meet her

  7. Babies do grow up fast don’t they? You have a beautiful baby.

    Adino: Yes, it seems like yesterday when I saw her birth, and now she’s almost 1 year old

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