My Old Dell Inspiron 5100

Recently while my iMac was down due to hard disk failure, I had to take out my old Dell Inspiron 5100 laptop to use.

8 year old dell inspiron 5100 1

I was quite surprised this 8 year old computer was still working well.

Before I put the laptop into storage I had cleaned it up, removing unnecessary programs and documents.

So when I booted it again I just had to update the antivirus and browsers and I was good to go.

The only problem was the screen.

8 year old dell inspiron 5100 2

If you notice the photos above, you’ll see the LCD screen seems to be wrinkled like paper. I think the plastic has dried and shriveled up.

This is the Dell laptop beside the downed iMac, displaying a photo of themselves from 3 years ago.

8 year old dell inspiron 5100 3

The Dell Inspiron 5100 is so old, I have even forgotten the specs.

But turning on the computer again reminds me of the times before I got married.

Some of the memories that came back are:

  1. Playing DotA and Star Wars Jedi Academy on this laptop.
  2. Doing my assignments and writing my dissertation.
  3. Getting this laptop. It was the first computer I bought with my own money.
Well the iMac has now been repaired, and the Dell Inspiron 5100 notebook has been put back in storage for the next time we need it.


1 thought on “My Old Dell Inspiron 5100”

  1. How did you power up your Dell? Battery or adapter?

    Adino: I used the adapter, I don’t think the battery can still last more than 5 minutes haha.

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