My New Toy

I’ve been living in a state of confusion for the past few days.

It’s like I’m living in that zone between dreams and reality. You know that place you’re in right before you wake up? You’re aware that you’re dreaming but you are just enjoying that dream.

More than that, I feel like I’m between something old and something new.

Don’t worry, I’m not on meth or pot. I don’t take any drugs (unless you count those sleeping pills the doctor gave me for my cold on Sunday). Ahh, the blessed void of drug-induced sleep… so comforting, that yellow pill.

But I’m digressing (digressing tigressing with agression fashion). Okay that last sentence made me look like I’m really high.

My department has loaned me a brand new Dell Latitude D530 for 6 months to use on a project which requires a bit of traveling offsite. You can still smell the chemical wash used to clean the components!

I spent the last two days installing all sorts of tools and software on the new laptop, and transferring my files from my desktop PC to my laptop. I had to get used to working with a smaller screen and a tiny keyboard.

I don’t know what came over me, but I completely wiped my desktop PC clean of all my stuff. Hoping that they will let me keep this laptop after six months


I love it because it’s so light. My current laptop at home weighs almost 5 kg I think. When I bought my Inspiron 5100 5 years ago, it was called a mobile desktop. But then it’s still running fine even up till today.

What I love the most about my (loaned) new Dell Latitude D530 is the amazing speed. It will be used for software development, so it comes with a Core 2 Duo 2GHz CPU and 2 Gigabytes of RAM. It has a 110GB hard drive and comes with all the standard wireless features.

It starts up Visual Studio in like 3 seconds *tear drop flows down my face* Think of all the seconds I’m going to save!

Then there is the wi-fi feature, which allows me to connect to a hotspot near my office that allows un-restricted (and un-monitored) web browsing. Facebook anyone? N, I’m kidding… I don’t play games at work.

I know, there are better notebooks on the market right now… but I get to use it for free! So happy!

I’m naming my temporary Dell laptop Izzie after my favourite character on Grey’s Anatomy.


P/S: Talking about Facebook, I’ve been getting some invitations from people I don’t know lately. If you’re one of my readers, please let me know or I will think it’s spam or something.

Disclaimer: All Facebook invitations from females are also subject to approval by my lovely wife. So don’t put up your pretty glamour photo 😛

Photo: Sanja Gjenero

7 thoughts on “My New Toy”

  1. I call mine my girlfriend. haha. Yours is a toy huh….Congrats. Its free so nice! I wiah I had that too 🙂

    Did you know donny has a new one too?

    Adino: Ooohh!! *point excited fingers at Donny*

  2. errr… no photo geh?

    Adino: Photos coming soon… must take home for photo session with Izzie. Otherwise my colleagues think I so jakun… shy la

  3. Wuah… that sounds blazingly fast… Core 2 Duo at 2GHz and 2GB of RAM. Nice! So when do we get to drool over pictures of Izzie? (Eh, that sounds a bit off. LOL.)

    Ahahaha… luckily I told you who I am when I added you to my friend list in Facebook, or else sure kena blacklisted wan, rite? *grin*

    Adino: I’ll get Izzie home tonight.

    No la I won’t blacklist… I’ll just hesitate on the Confirm button.


  4. Ooh! Ooh! *points excited fingers back!*
    I’m getting mine delivered sometime next week! (I hope)
    It’s the Dell XPS M1330 and I can’t wait!

    Adino: XPS is the tough and durable gamers model right? Fuiyoh….

  5. err… not gamers la… apparently XPS abandoned that gamers title. But that’s fine by me! Hahaha! So far, I’m only playing Chicken Invaders and Tumblebugs! Hee…

    Adino: Yours is going to be cool. Izzie is not so cool but elegant!

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