My Mummy and Caleb

One of the coolest things about having kids, is seeing elements of yourself in them.

I don’t have many photos of myself as a baby, so you might have seen them before.

I’ve got this photo of my mom carrying me while I was a baby.

Adino and Mummy

32 years later…

caleb and grandma

I could stare at those photos all day.

Mummy doesn’t look like she has aged at all.

I wonder if my digital photos can survive decades until the children have their own kids.

I imagine they would be comparing photos of themselves with their kids too.


7 thoughts on “My Mummy and Caleb”

  1. Wow….your mom so young! Yes, mini you, like biscuit mold. haha..

    Adino: Haha… actually my first son Daryl looked like me too, then as he grew older he changed. I hope Caleb maintains my ‘shape’.

  2. Wow, if you said that different person holding the same I would absolutely believed it~

    Cute kids though~ =)

    Adino: From that angle we really look similar. Maybe a close-up might reveal some differences.

    Caleb is indeed very cute!

  3. that’s the advantage of having kids early – the grandparents are still young & able to help look after the grandkids.

    Adino: Yeah I agree, they are a huge help to us.

  4. That’s just priceless!

    Adino: I’m waiting 30 more years to see how my grandson will look like.

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