My First Fathers Day Card

Rachel made me this father’s day card, with the help of the teacher at her daycare.

rachel fathers day card

Inside the card.

rachel fathers day card 2

I know it looks nothing like me, except for the messy hair, but the very idea that my daughter made something with her hands makes me feel warm inside.

A few weeks ago she made another card for me, with Poey Chin’s help. I put this card on the cover of my office notepad.

rachel card

Some updates on Rachel. As she is growing older, she starts to understand more. She is learning to listen to us, and when she’s in the mood she has these flashes of co-operation with us.

Daddy loves you too Rachel.





4 thoughts on “My First Fathers Day Card”

  1. hehe i like the spikey hair..she loves u la darling..
    no matter what u r very important to her, u should know that.

    Adino: Ok I know.

  2. we often think that parenthood is about giving to the kids, but what we often do not realise is that the kids themselves can see, feel & appreciate the time & labour set aside for them. my son recently made me a cone ice-cream & later that weekend, made me coffee for breakfast.

    as parents, we often say to ourselves that we do not expect much in return from the kids; that’s not entirely true – after years of hard labour & investment, we DO expect something in return, the least of which being filial piety.

    of course, the fathers’ day cards are extra bonuses!

    Adino: Well said doc!

  3. awww so sweet of rachel… *big hug* to her…
    and she is looking more like PC!!! haahha miss her so muchie!

    Adino: Yeah she looking more and more like PC

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