My Confused Baby

Last weekend, my wife and I were watching the program ‘Living Edens’ on Astro. This show is all about how young animals grow up in the wild. On that particular day, the show was featuring grizzly bears in Yellowstone National Park.

Me: Baby….
Baby: ?
Me: Baby, daddy loves you…
Baby: ?
Me: Mama loves you…
Wife: ?
Me: ROOAR! Gruff gruff… ROOOAR
Wife: !!
Me: Baby, daddy take you hunting next time okay?

We will learn how to jump across the river, catch fish, chase the elk.

Wife: Darling! Don’t confuse baby!
Me: Baby, next time you must grow up to be a big and strong grizzly bear okay? ROOAR ROOAR!

Baby: ??… rOaR…

Wife: Baby you’re a cat lover, cats are good, you hate dogs…
Me: Okay okay… give up. *quiet*

Baby: *sigh*…

Want to ask all you daddies out there if you messed with your baby’s head in the womb. How did things turn out?

6 thoughts on “My Confused Baby”

  1. Wife: baby ur daddy is confused..he actually LOVES cats..
    (when daddy goes to work)
    baby: ok mommy…i will love cats also..
    Wife: (hehehe) 😛

    Adino: 🙁

  2. Is your child awake then? Is he/she even born yet? So good your imagination…

    Adino: I suppose he/she was awake. Baby is quite active every time we go for ultrasound.

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