My Bass Guitars

Today I’m in a bit of a rush, so it’s going to be a short post this time. I want to introduce everyone to my guitars…

*fade in the #1 most corny song in the world, Eye of the Tiger… muted guitar string played in 16th beats, jeng! jeng jeng jeng! jeng jeng jong! jong jong jeng! Bass comes in with the high hat… JENG! JENG JENG JENG! JENG JENG JONG! JONG JONG JENG!!! *

Note: If you invite me to your wedding dinner and you play Eye of the Tiger, don’t blame me if I start dancing on the table *wiggle wiggle shake shake* “.. I am the Thai GerrrrrR!!!”

Ok… back to our topic. Presenting, my guitars

1. Ah Beng

Sorry BengBeng, but my bass guitar is really named “Ah Beng”. Ah Beng is the strong macho five string bass on the right side of the photo.

It is a Fernandes 5 String SPB, made in Japan. It has got active pickups and a really nice gold finishing. The body is transparent black… you can see the wood grains from a certain angle.

My dad got me this bass ten years ago when I started learning bass. I didn’t appreciate what a fine bass it was, until recently.

The bass has gone north to south, from Penang to JB. It is my primary bass. It’s a really good bass. The action is low, the tone is quite sweet. After ten years it still feels like new. After going through my Behringer Bass effects, the bass sounds even better.

I was thinking about getting an Ibanez 4 string or something, until I found…

2. Ah Mac

Ah Mac is the bass cool-ly leaning against my bass amp. It has that white pickup guard. I got Ah Mac from my bass si fu who was selling it off for one of his students. It’s an el-cheapo bass (Samick Ken Something signature). I use it to practice my slapping.

Ah Mac doesn’t sound so nice compared to Ah Beng. In fact, it sounds so crappy in a live setting that I don’t dare use it in a performance again. It has a really high action that really develops my muscles when I use it to practice.

I love Ah Mac because it makes me feel so terror. Got two basses. Don’t play play.

3. Carlos

Finally, my acoustic guitar my dad and my sister bought for me 12 years ago. It’s a Santana brand guitar. Before you have any visions of me play drug induced devil worshipping songs… I don’t have much skills in the acoustic guitar.

I can probably strum some songs for a church gathering… but I can’t play like my sister can. She’s the guitar hero of the family (and drums expert and keyboard expert).

Nowadays I mainly use Carlos to help trap cockroaches in my condo.

Before you go and say that’s a lot of guitars… my sister has five guitars! Four acoustic and one electric. Her main guitar is the sexy “Takeshi“, a very very nice Takamene. When she plays it during worship service, it sounds absolutely heavenly.

P/S: Just because I have three guitars doesn’t mean I have obsessive compulsive disorder ok? At least… I hope not…

1 thought on “My Bass Guitars”

  1. wow, you have quite a number of collection ya…

    Adino: Thanks! But still a small collection compared to other musicians.

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