Moving Day

We moved into our new home on Feb 28th 2020.

It was a good day to move because it was near the end of the month, so I didn’t have to pay another month of rental at our old home. It was a Friday so we had the whole weekend to unpack.

This was before the MCO in March, before the Seri Petaling cluster emerged. So we were not even considering infections or wearing masks at that time.

We heard from some friends that it was much easier (and safer for our backs) to engage the services of professional movers. We asked for our friends recommendations and selected one.

All we had to do before moving was to make sure we’ve got rid of all the things we don’t want, and make sure we keep our valuables.

They arrived in a five ton lorry filled with cardboard boxes, plastic wrap, mahjong paper, and bubble wrap.
They sent ten men. Immediately half of them started to wrap our furniture in plastic. The other half stared to pack our belongings into cardboard boxes.

Yes that is the same dining table we’ve been using. You can see that table in my early blog posts from 2007.

Some of our boxes packed and ready to go. They will write down where the box is supposed to go in the new house (hall, kitchen, etc.).
They even provide the service of dismantling the beds and re-assemble them. Mattresses are wrapped in plastic to keep them clean.

Within one and a half hours, the lorry was loaded up and was ready to go with the first batch. They left 2 people behind to continue packing while the others went to the new house.

Even teddy bear was wrapped in plastic.

They called reinforcements for more cardboard cartons.

After unloading the first batch, they left two people at the new house to re-assemble furniture. Then the lorry came back for the second batch.

We had so many items to move. Fridge, washing machine, furniture, garden plants, tons of personal belongings.

The entire move was complete in around four hours.

The only things I carried in my car were valuable and fragile items.

It took three men in a three ton lorry to move all our things from our condo to our previous home. And it took ten men and two trips in a five ton lorry to move out of that home. I don’t know if I should laugh or cry.

This is how the boxes ended up in our kitchen. We spent the next few days “treasure hunting” each time we needed some kitchen utensils.

After unpacking, we folded all the packing paper and cardboard boxes. The movers came to collect them back a week later.

We’re very happy with the movers. You can see the name of the mover in the photos. If you want, I can pass you the contact. Price was quite reasonable, no hidden charges and work was fast.

At our “older” age, we don’t really have a lot of stamina. So it really helped that we didn’t have to go through muscle ache or sprains. We could focus on unpacking which is already a huge task.

The kitchen cabinets were still not installed when we moved in. Which meant we couldn’t unpack our kitchen for almost a week.

The contactor provided good service to assign one person to our house for the moving day. He helped do minor things like install our washing machine, touch up painting, and and repair any scratches caused by the movers.

Before moving, we tried to finish all our food and groceries supplies. We didn’t want to move so many items. After we moved, and before we had the chance to re-stock, the country went into lockdown. That is a story for another day.

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