More Cute Baby Photos

These are some more photos I took two weekends ago. I think she looks really cute in the dino onesie she’s wearing.

Blur expression.
Close up side profile
Starting to smile
What sound is that?
Starting to cry
WAAAAAAAAA… I want milk now!
I want it right, this, SECOND. WAAAAAAA!!

6 thoughts on “More Cute Baby Photos”

  1. Aww, it’s as if she’s crying because you’re taking too many photos & not feeding her enough milkie.

    🙂 Just noticing.

    Adino: Hehe, no I don’t think so

  2. Sooo cute. Thanks for updating. Seeing her makes life feel so worthwhile.

    Adino: Don’t worry, there are more to come!

  3. I like the blur expression photo. 🙂

    Adino: We like it too! We’re probably going to frame it up or something.

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