Melaka Food

We had the pleasure of tasting some yummy food while we were in Melaka a few weeks ago.

Before that we went around asking around for food suggestions and reading travel blogs to plan out our meals. We got so many suggestions but we only had so few days there.

We arrived in Melaka on Sunday afternoon, and for lunch we stopped at the first coffee shop we could find. I can’t remember the street name, but it was a few blocks down from the Tan Kim Hock shop near Renaissance Hotel.

No photos since I hadn’t unpacked my camera, but we had fried kuay teow which was special because it came with ‘har kou’. We also had wan tan mee which was again special because it had an extra chili ingredient, the kind you normally have with pan mee. The food there was relatively lower priced compared to KL, but still more expensive than Ipoh.

We saw a lot of tables ordering toast with kaya and white coffee, so we ordered some also. The toast and coffee were fragrant but there was nothing too special about it.

For our evening dinner we searched for the Bibik Neo restaurant on our GPS. I don’t know why the GPS kept trying to lead us into the Straits of Melaka. We ordered ayam pongteh, duck with salted vege soup, a plate of vegetables and otak-otak.

The food was served quickly, and we had a very filling dinner that cost us around RM35.

For lunch on Monday afternoon we went to explore the streets in Jonker Walk. We came upon Nancy’s Kitchen restaurant that looked inviting because it was air conditioned! Here’s some of the food we ordered:

This was Nyonya Popiah, which was so delicious because one of the special ingredients was ‘chu yau char’ or fried pork lard.

We ordered Nyonya laksa which is basically curry laksa. Hey, how come everything is called Nyonya this and Nyonya that? Maybe that’s how they get tourists like us to try their food.


I ordered some stewed pork in dark soya sauce. It came with some tofu on the side. The pork was tender and sweet, and goes perfectly with a plate of white rice.

The service was friendly and the price was reasonable, although we had to wait a while for our food. But we were on holiday so we just sat back, sipped our icy drinks and enjoyed the air cond. I will definitely go back to Nancy’s Kitchen.

We even bought some kueh and dumplings that they were displaying at the back.

For dessert we had cendol at a stall beside the Melaka river.

Baby Rachel’s first ever taste of cendol.

Everyone’s happy… until Rachel’s head was knocked againt one of those historical arches in the background…

We ate so much that afternoon that we couldn’t eat anything else (so no more photos!)

Next time I would like to try out some satay celup and try to go to some ‘village’ areas to seek out sea food or some other local food.

4 thoughts on “Melaka Food”

  1. I will spend my next weekend in Melaka too~ Now I know what to eat on that day, haha…
    Stewed pork attracts my attention… I love it~! haha!

    Adino: You have to walk quite deep inside Jonker walk… near a corner pub then turn left I think. It’s near a shop that is cleaning mahjong tiles.

  2. Not going to jongker walk?

    Adino: We went during the day time only, we didn’t go during weekend so there was no pasar malam there

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