Mee Rojak And Cendol

One of my favourite places to have my lunch is the rojak stall that operates near my office.

The stall operates from the side of a motorbike. The owner suddenly decided to setup business near my office and I couldn’t be happier.

Since then I’ve had lunch at the stall at least once a fortnight if I wasn’t having a sore throat. In the beginning they hardly had any customers, but nowadays I have to be lucky to find a seat.

Frequently I have to share a table with strangers.

My usual order is mee rojak dengan cendol biasa.

This is a closer view of the mee rojak.

My usual style is to finish the noodles and the taufu first. I keep the boiled egg for the satisfying ending.

Nowadays it costs RM5.50 for a rojak and cendol combo.

I find it pretty relaxing to sit under a tree and have this meal. A lot of my colleagues walk past but strangely not many of them stop to eat at the stall.

Maybe they don’t feel like having it for lunch, or maybe they doubt the hygiene.

I’ve also noticed that the rojak and cendol brings people from all races together. It’s a food that is acceptable and non-taboo so I guess everyone can enjoy it.

Sometimes I sit with strangers and we exchange smiles or help to pass the tissue even when no words are exchanged.

I just have to control myself from eating too much of the peanut sauce… sometimes the combination of peanuts and the coconut milk in the cendol gives me stomach ache.

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