Meanwhile, back at home…

Today I will show you a couple more photos of baby Rachel.

While daddy and mama are out busy working, Rachel is at home being pampered, cuddled and loved.

These photos were taken by Poey Chin. I experimented with writing image captions in the photo instead of writing them underneath the picture like I always do.

Coming soon… she crawls!

10 thoughts on “Meanwhile, back at home…”

  1. I find it strange about a double-eyelid + a single-eyelid. I remember I used to have that a few years back.

    Adino: Really!? How did it turn out?

  2. the first pic in an interesting African traditional dress and head gear. interesting. 🙂

    Adino: Haha, it was just a towel with a ribbon on it

  3. ahh!!
    all this take ur stress away…
    eh her eyes both also double eye lid la..
    just dat the other one is not so obvious ler..

    Adino: You managed to notice that from the photo? Haha actually the other double eyelid is still ‘hidden’

  4. I think the double-eye lid (on the other eye) will come eventually…that was how it was with my sister.
    And yes…Rachel is looking more adorable each time you post her photos.
    “While daddy and mama are out busy working, Rachel is at home being pampered, cuddled and loved.” – by grandparents!?

    Adino: Mostly by mama, grandparents and grand-aunty!

  5. No offense
    But the colour of the caption should be … brighter?

    Adino: Thanks for the suggestion! Maybe for next round I will try putting the text as the top layer instead.

  6. Ahh yes, brighter text would make it more readable 🙂

    Oooh the first picture of lil’ Rachel in the towel hat is simply too adorable! :p

    Adino: I know, she reminds me of Erykah Badu

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