Make Your Own Cotton Balls

(Originally published on my frugal blog on July 11 2008)

This week’s Frugal Friday tip will show you how to make your own cotton balls from a roll of cotton. Frugal Friday tips are short and easy frugal tips you can pick up as a weekend project.

If you have a baby, you will need to use a lot of cotton balls. Cotton balls come ready-made in stores, but it costs about two times less if you make them yourself.

Making Your Own Cotton Balls:

1. You will need a roll of cotton.

2. Pinch off a small portion of cotton, about the size of your thumb.

3. Roll the cotton into a ball by wrapping it around your finger.

4. Keep cotton balls in a container. You can do this as you’re watching TV or just sitting around.


Now you have plenty of cotton balls to use. The best part is knowing you saved money by making your own cotton balls.

Thanks Poey Chin for the demo!

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2 thoughts on “Make Your Own Cotton Balls”

  1. Can someone send a link for this roll of cotton? Trying to make my own baby wipes! Cannot find. Are they on amazon? Thanks!

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