If you have been following this blog, then you would have noticed that I was quite depressed and frustrated in the past few months.

My kids were driving me crazy and all the stress was driving a wedge between Poey Chin and I.

But last weekend it was different.

I had two goals in mind for the weekend:

  1. Don’t over-dramatize the small stuff
  2. Make the kids laugh

And so I did, and our home was peaceful and happy for once.


Rachel is just so playful now. She just wants to play from morning until night. She’s imitating everything she hears now, which is cute.

Daryl is so cheerful. He smiles all the time. Every time I play with him I try to memorize his face. I don’t want to forget how my baby boy looks like.


Now when I go home after work, I tell myself to make effort to love my children and wife even if I feel like doing something quiet to de-stress.

It’s not easy, and we’re not perfect 24 hours a day. I hope it gets easier.

Whatever it is, I am reminded that love is something you have to do, it is not some good feeling that will just fall from the sky.

2 thoughts on “Love”

  1. That’s the way to go. Be more positive. When you’re positive, you will emanate positive energy. People around you can feel it. Same goes with negative energy. 🙂

    Your kids are really cute. Show more picts!

    Adino: I’ll try!

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