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I attended a birthday celebration dinner for my wife’s aunty in SS2 last night.

At the end of the evening, the hosts gave each of us a little red packet with a lottery ticket inside.

On the green lottery ticket from Da Ma Cai, there was a series of 7 numbers with an extra jackpot number. There was a photo of a Proton Persona on the side stub.

Scratching the photo revealed four further mysterious digits.

The drawing date is 27 December 2009. Someone please explain to me what this all means!

Anyway, while I don’t understand the rules and the mechanics of it… having a lottery ticket opens up a well of curiosity and emotions within me.

While I’m under no illusion of striking any lottery (the chances of that happening are so small), I did pause to wonder what I would do with my winnings.

I’m not going to share my spending fantasies with you all today. Anything I would say is going to be controversial anyway.

Let’s just say it involves durians. Lots of durians.

Instead, I want to talk about the feelings I got.

First, there was greed. The only thing that filled my mind was the dollar sign and the word “million”. I started to ponder if it was worth “investing” to buy a few more lottery tickets.

Next, there was a sense of excitement and anticipation. I wonder if we would be the “lucky” ones? Will our numbers match up? Again, it leads back to greed when I felt like buying more.

Then there is a sense of jealousy. I started to think of how to divide my winnings. Should I share with friends? How much to share with family? It’s all mine, mine, MINE!

I started to justify my plan of “investing” in lottery tickets, forgetting that there are a million losers for each winner.

Please don’t take this post as an attack against lottery tickets.

It was a delight to receive them as a gift.

I’m just sharing with you my (naive) feelings, as someone who has never bought a lottery ticket before.

So stay tuned, we shall await the lottery draw this Saturday!

Update: Lottery results are out!

Photo by Sanja Gjenero

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2 thoughts on “Lottery”

  1. i wait for the 27th n remember i commented first. if u strike 1000000 i expect a gift 🙂

    Adino: I don’t think any good results will come out of it.

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