Lottery Results

This is the thrilling conclusion to last week’s post about us getting some lottery tickets as door gifts at a dinner.

Here are the four lottery tickets.

See if you can tell me what’s going on.



Anyway, last night I checked out the results, and…


The same scenario repeated four times, for each of the tickets.

I guess my plan of world durian domination will have to wait for another day haha.

3 thoughts on “Lottery Results”

  1. There is always a next time. But make sure you don’t use up all your money for that. (Although I know you won’t :p ) I hope one day you’ll strike a lottery and buy all bloggers a meal. Promise? 🙂

    Adino: Probably will not have next time haha, since I’m not the type who will buy lottery tickets.

    But I can always dream!


  2. cheh…potong stim oni…I thought you struck with one of your tickets 😛

    Adino: If I did strike lottery, then I would have posted about buying an island, or my vacation to Japan haha

  3. Your daughter looks so pretty & adorable! Thanks for visiting my blog. It’s lovely to meet you. You have a nice blog. Happy New Year to you and your family!

    Adino: Thanks for visiting my blog too Mary. Happy New Year to you!

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