Looking for Day Time Helper

One more month till baby Daryl comes.

Right now we’re looking for a solution to a little problem we have.

Poey Chin is going to be down for a month to recover from childbirth, and she will have to concentrate on caring for baby Daryl in the following months.

Obviously, we need someone to help take care of Rachel girl. A few ideas we have discussed so far are:

1. Full time maid

The advantage is we have someone to take care of all the household chores and babysit Rachel girl. The disadvantages are the high cost, the risk of getting an unqualified person, lack of living space in our condo.

2. Day time maid

This seems to be an attractive option right now. It might cost more, but there is lower commitment on our part. But the difficulty is finding available help, and if the cost would be too high.

3. Send Rachel to daycare / baby sitter

We tried this a few months ago, and it didn’t work out. Perhaps it’s time we tried again.

In my opinion this would be the best option because it will occupy her during the day. Poey Chin can focus on baby Daryl and I can take care of Rachel after work.

Any suggestions from experienced parents out there?

1 thought on “Looking for Day Time Helper”

  1. get mother/mother in law’s help? 🙂

    Adino: That’s an alternative… but they don’t have the energy to chase Rachel around.

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