Letters to My Grandchildren 3

Salam, my dear grandchildren,

Peace be upon you.

Today I was just wondering how you all are doing with your studies. I guess it must be interesting learning about the great history of Islam in the Middle East, and your classes must be full of interesting stories about the characters in the Quran.

Your Malaysian “history” classes should be interesting too. Did your books mention that bloggers are evil anti-government jobless housewives who behave like apes? Or did they omit any mention of bloggers?

I wonder if you are still able to attend church. I pray that your parents will be strong and will continue to teach you well, that they will not give in to any persecution.

Ah Kung

3 thoughts on “Letters to My Grandchildren 3”

  1. A timely and well written post, Adino. I couldnt agree with you more.
    it’s time for the voters of Malaysia to WAKE UP, we urgently need a much stronger opposition, an unbiased an independent judiciary system, a free media, and an untainted electoral system.
    and for all those who regularly bleat ‘i’m so apathetic and apolitical, i’m not even going to register as a voter’, well dont bother to whine about how the system is screwing you out of your entitlements/benefits/rights as a bangsa Malaysia…

    Adino: I think everyone is feeling the same way.

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