KLSE Mega Sales Carnival

The Malaysian Mega Sales carnival is in full swing, with most shopping malls participating in the fun and profit making by offering various discounts and promotions.

Did you know that the KLSE (KL Stock Exchange) is having a mega sales carnival too?

As I write this, the KLCI (Kuala Lumpur Composite Index) is down to 1078 points, which is almost a 20% drop from 3 months ago.

I don’t know about you, but I noticed that the stock market is very much vulnerable to the political news and the emotions of investors.

A bit of bad news and people are selling like the company is not worth anything. A bit of good news and people buy like it doesn’t cost money.

My personal viewpoint is the economy downturn and the political uncertainties are causing people and corporations to dump their shares because they are expecting worse to come.

Coming back to the topic of mega sales, do you know that you can now find stocks at lower-than-normal prices now?

One of the bargains I picked up earlier this month: KFC

Disclaimer: Adino Online is not responsible for any losses but is responsible for any profits


4 thoughts on “KLSE Mega Sales Carnival”

  1. I like that last line! 🙂

    By the way, could you put a “#” permalink for each comment? I find that pretty useful sometimes.

    Adino: I’m not sure how to do that… probably will require some tweaking to my template, which I’m too lazy to do right now


  2. Err… I hope can start the trading as well. My friend told me some strong share are below the usual price. Anyway, I am so lazy to drag myself to open a what what account for trading… >.<

    Adino: Whatever it is, don’t only listen to your friends. Make sure you do some research on the company before buying.

    To start trading you need to open a trading account with any banks, such as Am Bank or Hong Leong Bank.

  3. You should see China. Down the slope 50 percent ++ this year at least liao for some stocks. By the way, the baby girl very cute!

    Adino: Ah! That’s bad! I’ve not tracked China’s stock market but I know the Asian region stocks are all going down.

    Thanks! My daughter is really cute like her mama

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