Kids Update October 2011

Today it’s just a quick photo-update of my three kids.

Baby Caleb is pretty much the same since my blog post about him last week.

I don’t know why, but he has been quite cranky the past week. Maybe it’s the weather? Maybe he’s unwell? I have no idea.

That’s one thing about parenthood… even on your third child, you can still be lost sometimes.

Caleb in the morning, before he’s waken up.

201110 caleb 1

If you ever wondered why I have so many pictures of sleeping babies on this blog, there’s a simple explanation.

Sleeping babies don’t move, which gives me a lot of time to setup the lighting, compose the shot, and attempt shooting with the manual focus.

Having said that, I still manage to produce out-of-focus shots or shots with flare. It’s rather depressing and frustrating.

Another photo of baby Caleb sleeping.

201110 caleb 2

He has grown taller, but he is still tiny. Both his feet put together are still smaller than a RM50 note.

201110 caleb 3

Rachel is getting chattier. She is constantly learning and imitating everyone around her.

One day I’ll try to get a video of her pretending to talk on the phone. She can carry a five minute conversation, mostly imitating Poey Chin or my dad.

We finally got her to stop drinking from a bottle. Our method was simple, we just stopped buying new bottles for her. When her bottles wore out or became too grimy, that was it. No more bottles.

Now she takes milk from a cup and a straw.

201110 rachel

I feel the birth of baby Caleb has motivated her to grow up a little. She always wants to be the big sister, but sometimes she can be over-enthusiastic so we’re still careful.

There are still moments of conflict between us. She is so stubborn and I’m so impatient, especially when she wants to do things at the wrong time. Not a good combination.

Okay maybe stubborn is not a good word. She’s very determined.

But she’s learning very quickly. Both good and bad, so are more careful what we say around her.

She’s really into Hi-Five now.

Daryl is still his jolly self.

201110 daryl

He is so gentle with Caleb it’s amazing. Caleb is always happy to see Daryl so I think the two boys will get along really well.

He’s starting to pick up new words. Still baby talk, but his vocabulary is expanding. He’s starting to sing along to his favourite songs.

All the teeth at his upper jaw have developed, and the teeth from his lower jaw are already peeking out.

He’s at a hyperactive stage… walking all around the condo and touching everything so he tires everyone out.

I wish I could take better photos of him but he doesn’t stop moving.

That’s all for this update!

2 thoughts on “Kids Update October 2011”

  1. I like the picture of Caleb’s feet with the RM50 note! So creative, Adino. 🙂

    Adino: Thanks hehe. I was looking around for something to put his feet size in perspective, and found the RM50 note nearby. Umm… not that I have lots of cash lying around the house.

  2. First photo… his mouth so cute!

    Try to take note when you press the shutter button, do you shake the camera? Coz sometimes I shake which make the picture blurry. Also you can tone up the ISO. Sometimes I raise the ISO to 1000 for food photo coz it’s raining the whole time (dark in kitchen).

    Also do check your diopter. Here’s an article:

    Adino: Wow, thanks for the tips. Very useful!

    Come to think of it, maybe there could be shake because sometimes I don’t hold the camera properly.

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