Kids Update February 2012

The holiday season is over here in Malaysia. Finally we can get settled into a proper Monday to Friday routine, and hope productivity will get better at work.

I’ve been spending a lot of time on my new year’s resolution. Still can’t tell you what it is yet, but stay tuned hehe.

Here are the latest updates on the kids.

For my new readers, these “kids updates” serve to update everyone on how our kids are growing, and also as a recording of our memories.

daryl and caleb feb 2012

The boys are growing quite close. They get along pretty well. Daryl will always ‘sayang’ Caleb.

Caleb kissing Daryl. Caleb is at that stage where he wants to put everything in his mouth.

daryl and caleb feb 2012

Daryl is really testing his boundaries nowadays. I am so strict with him but it doesn’t seem to work.

Recently he picked up this biting habit. When Rachel and him fight over toys and he can’t get his way, he will bite her.

I have no idea how to discourage this behaviour. We always have to be careful when he’s around Caleb.

daryl and caleb feb 2012 3

Daryl is testing his independence and new abilities of climbing and running. He climbs on everything. The piano, the dining table, the TV cabinet.

When we go out he refuses to hold our hand and will run off by himself.

I am dreading what is to come, because the last time I dealt with a two year old toddler I went into a year of really negative emotions.

To make things worse, Rachel will imitate Daryl, which is bad because it reinforces his behaviour, and we end up with “double trouble”.

caleb feb 2012 1

Caleb is now six months old. He can crawl a few feet to grab his toys, and he’s starting to push himself to sitting position.

He is strong enough to sit up, but he hasn’t mastered the balance yet so he will topple over if we don’t support him.

Sometimes when I feel unhappy I just pick him up and he cheers me up again.

He’s such an angel, but time will tell if that will change.

caleb feb 2012 2

Daryl is three months away from his second birthday.

daryl feb 2012 1

As mentioned, he can run and climb pretty well, but he’s still clumsy. At that age he’s still unaware of dangerous things so I’m always so stressed.

He’s starting to pick up new words, and can string a few of them together into basic sentences.

He can imitate how we scold Rachel. The both of them will fight over everything. Toys, food, even where to stand in the elevator.

On the other hand he’s quite protective of her. Sometimes when I discipline Rachel, he will scold me, “Hey” and then try to beat me.


A photo of the three kids together.

kids 201202 1

Rachel is almost turning four. She is so chatty and can talk from morning until night.

She has endless questions, “why”, “when”, and “who”.

We can actually have conversations with her where she can understand what we’re trying to say to her.

She can read some basic words by herself, but can’t really write yet.

caleb feb 2012 3

Back to Caleb. He can now sit in a booster seat. My colleagues got me this seat as a gift when Caleb was born.

We needed another seat because Daryl was still using the other one.

The two boys sitting together. Caleb can only watch because he can’t eat solids yet.

daryl and caleb feb 2012 4

Soon we’ll be trying to introduce Caleb to some soft baby cereal, and I hope he likes it.

3 thoughts on “Kids Update February 2012”

  1. all these anxiety & angst will make marvellous grandpa’s stories in years to come!!

    happy parenting!

    Adino: Assuming they don’t give me a heart attack and I can live that long haha

  2. Hi adino,

    What a simple but heartwarming piece about three little angels given to you.
    Could see challenges that you face but at the same time read more happiness inside. 🙂
    Lots of love to you and Poey Chin!

    Adino: Thanks Shan!

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