Kids and Gadgets

I don’t know why kids nowadays are so good at using electronics.

At one year old, Daryl knows how to operate the DVD player.

He would press the “Open” button, put in his Barney disc and then push the tray to close it. Then he would stand up, put his hand on the TV cabinet for support and use his toes to press the “Play” button.

Where did he learn that from? From Rachel, who learned it from Poey Chin. Poey Chin had to use her feet cos she couldn’t bend down while pregnant.

Now he’s starting to use the computer mouse.

201108 daryl and imac

He would stand on tip-toe, reach up his hands to grab the mouse and wave it around while pressing buttons at random.

Where did he learn that from?

By watching Rachel, who uses the mouse to navigate through all her YouTube videos and iTunes Sesame Street podcasts.

It seems they all have a knack for using devices. Rachel knows how to use my SGS  phone without me teaching her. She knows which folders and menus to press to access her favourite apps (Kids Connect-the-Dot, Angry Birds, etc).

The first time she encountered an iPad, she knew how to scroll, pinch, etc.

I don’t remember being like this when I was young. Come to think of it, I didn’t even have any gadgets when I was young.

I occupied my time playing with toys. Legos, plastic army, some transformers, soft toys, board games. Sometimes I would even play board games by myself cos my sister was too young to understand, and I didn’t have any friends.

None of these electronic contraptions.

I only got a games console when I was 12. Anyone remember Micro Genius ? It sounds like such an educational name, but it was a Nintendo clone.

Anyway my kids are part of a whole new generation growing up with electronic gadgets and ubiquitous Internet access.

I was so hungry for knowledge when I was growing up. I would devour book after book (strangely this never applied to school books). Imagine what would have happened if we had access to the web back then!

So I think kids have an advantage nowadays. I just hope they don’t waste it all playing games or chatting.

What do you think? Are kids more intelligent, devices more intuitive, or is it their early exposure to gadgets?

4 thoughts on “Kids and Gadgets”

  1. I think it’s the early exposure to electronics that make kids so good at using it. But we adults still need to guide them to make sure that they don’t just spend their time playing but actually learning and exploring the digital age world. 🙂

    Adino: It’s gonna be tough making sure they’re not distracted.

  2. Ha! Blame it on the “smart” milk powders!

    My Sis-in-law was scolding her son in a bus. Her son kept silent, till SIL told him “Hey, I am talking to you, not the wall” Guess what he replied? “Bus where got wall”?

    He was about 2.5yrs then!

    Adino: Haha that’s a funny story!

  3. Wow oh wow so smart! I know kids at certain age like to copy adult’s actions, but Daryl to operate a DVD player? Really keng!! 🙂

    Adino: Ya… dunno why he can learn so quickly.

  4. technology is a SHARP double-edged sword. it can work for & against the user.

    need to keep an eye on the kids, esp when they are older.

    Adino: Yup, will definitely do that.

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