KFC Hot & Spicy Shrimp

Last weekend we decided to have KFC for lunch, and I decided to try out the new menu item, the KFC Hot & Spicy Shrimp.

This is how the shrimps look like in the ads.

KFC Hot and Spicy Shrimp Logo

Here is how they actually look like. Each box comes with five shrimps. For some reason or another, it was packaged in a cheesy wedges box but that’s ok.


The KFC hot and spicy shrimp is coated with the same batter as the hot and spicy chicken, making the shrimp really tasty and crunchy.

kfc hot and spicy shrimp 2

The taste is not too bad. It has the slight spicy seasoning mixed with the sweet shrimp. My only complain is the shrimp can be a bit too salty.

Each shrimp makes a nice mouthful and can be finished off in one or two bites. The tail is crispy enough to be eaten as well.

kfc hot and spicy shrimp 3

This is how the cross section looks like after I’ve taken a bite. You can also get an idea of the shrimp size from this photo.

kfc hot and spicy shrimp 4

I finished off my meal with a large coleslaw. Yummy!

kfc coleslaw

I’m not left handed (in case you wondered), just that I needed my right hand to hold the camera.

The KFC Hot and Spicy Shrimp costs RM5.20 for a box of five shrimp, which seems rather pricy. I’d be happier if the price was revised to RM4 or less.

Update: Tekkaus tried some KFC Hot & Spicy Shrimp too!

2 thoughts on “KFC Hot & Spicy Shrimp”

  1. I thought of ordering that but tak jadi coz my sis said RM1+ for 1 shrimp… hahaha

    Notice there are no more ‘classic KFC smell’ when you’re in KFC restaurants?

    Adino: Ya, the price is not too attractive.

    I still notice the KFC smell… in fact sometimes I even notice it far away, in those shopping malls where they pump out the fried chicken exhaust to the parking lot! But maybe the smell is not the classic KFC smell, is another type of smell?

  2. Yes definitely another type of smell. More ‘heavy’. (if I need to describe haha)

    Adino: Come to think of it, the smell nowadays is more greasy compared to ‘herby’

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