Joyful Reunion

I was having some sad dreams about my dog, and I realized that I needed to meet him.

Last night I went home to have dinner with my parents, and also to visit Sushi my lonely Shih Tzu.

The first thing he did was to go and get his toy fish to play with me.
Meow meow… I mean… woof woof!
You can hear the squeek squeek squeeks of joy. He kept chewing the toy out of excitement.
Don’t try to snatch my toy from me… I’m watching you mister!
Not so successful close-up, because he refuses to sit still.
Sushi looking at baby Rachel. He was really excited to see her and wanted to go near and check her out, but we kept him away. I continued to sayang and love Sushi so he won’t feel jealous.

Thanks for a wonderful night, everybody! Thanks to daddy, mummy, Lydia, Poey Chin, Rachel and of course Sushi!

8 thoughts on “Joyful Reunion”

  1. Aha both of you look very contented! Good for you!…no more sad dreams

    Adino: Yes, we finally got to see each other!

  2. Sushi’s really cute (like Rachel, but in a furry way). I haven’t seen such a close-up of him.

    Adino: Haha, that’s a nice way of putting it!

  3. How sweet – the reunion, that’s the purpose of Mooncake Festival! Happy for you guys!

    Adino: It was a happy night!

  4. is that the biggest it can grow already? how old is he? (the normal human years please hahha)

    Adino: He’s 4 years old. In human years he would be 28 (same age as me haha!)

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