Baby Rachel was admitted to hospital yesterday afternoon for phototherapy (which is why I didn’t blog).

Her bilirubin (thanks Siew Lee!) count is 260. Doctor is worried that it could go higher, which is why he suggested phototherapy before it got serious.

With heavy hearts and wet eyes we brought baby to hospital.

We’re not allowed to stay with baby, because she’s in the phototherapy room with other babies.

We’re only allowed to visit for feeding.

She looks quite peaceful and contented lying there under the light. According to nurses, she only cries when she is hungry.

Good girl.

We hope baby can come home today.

In the room are three other baby boys… good thing they are blindfolded and can’t look at my daughter (grrr…)

Update: Baby’s back home!

11 thoughts on “Jaundice”

  1. bilirubin count =)
    jaundice is a very common problem in infants.. most of the time is not due to any harmful cause.. so yup, baby rachel will be fine after the phototherapy =)

    Adino: Thanks!

  2. Glad that baby Rachel is back home with mommy and daddy now! Not to worry, like siewlee said, jaundice is quite common in newborn infants. 🙂

    Adino: We’re not worried about the jaundice, it hasn’t reached dangerous levels yet.

    We’re worried because baby had to spent the night away from us 😛

  3. Hehehe, first-time-parents syndrome 😀

    Am glad baby Rachel’s back safe and sound in Mummy and Daddy’s warm and comforting arms 🙂

    Adino: 😀

  4. Jaundice? That also happens in babies? :S

    Adino: Yeah, it is quite common among babies, especially Chinese (don’t ask me why)

  5. Of everything, you Have to worry about those babies beside her
    faint gao gao 😛

    Adino: I’m already starting to worry about boys going after her…

  6. Boys? Nowadays you have to worry abobut girls also….

    Anyway remember you should not worry, she is in God’s hands. Beautiful she is. I wish I could see her now….sadly I don’t want to infect her with my sicknesses

    Don’t worry so much ok. I know its easier said than done. But I seriously think you should enjoy these moments…

    Adino: She will be here waiting. Get well before you come

  7. I believe you can’t sleep well without baby Rachel by your side 😛

    Adino: Actually, we slept quite well without her crying
    But we were worried sick…

  8. My confinement lady used to teach me to squeeze green grape juice for my baby Esther to prevent jaundice. Dunno how true it is but since it’s fruit juice only, worth trying. My baby Esther loves it!

    Baby Rachel sure will be fine, don’t worry!

    Adino: Green grape juice ah… haven’t try that. Maybe I will try that.

  9. Under these circumstances, usually the mother is given the choice to check herself into the hospital too, if she wants. It’s actually the advisable option if Poey Chin is b’feeding exclusively.

    But glad to know Rachel’s back home already.

    Adino: We’re glad too!

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