Irritating People


I’m so sick of it!

There are just some people who are raised in uncivilized families who happen to live in my condo. Their mission is to irritate me day and night, forever ruining my public holidays and weekends.

Here are three shining examples:

1. The elephants upstairs

There are two or three kids living above my condo unit. Every evening without fail, they will chase each other around the house. Step step bang bang STOMP STOMP RUMBLE RUMBLE. *imagine some dust falling from my ceiling to my chicken soup*

After they get tired of that, they will play with their toy Legos or building blocks. Slam slam slam hammer hammer knock knock. DEMOLISH! And all the blocks come tumbling down.

Then late at night, there will be a consistent sound… someone knocking a metal or stone on the floor. Then that person will will drop something heavy. I suspect that somebody is either lifting weights or making belacan.

My wife and I have tried guessing what they’re doing. You’d probably think that they could be doing some mating activities, but they’re in the living room wor! Besides, I don’t hear any bed springs creaking.

Won’t it be funny if one day I went upstairs and found the unit to be vacant? Haha *nervous laugh*

2. The scary boy

There’s a boy who goes “ROOOOOCK! ROOOOOCK! ROOOOCK!” non-stop for hours. We think that there’s something wrong with him mentally. It’s not that I’m not understanding or sympathetic, but I do have my limits.

The problem is, his parents place him in a room and he’s shouting out the window.

This window doesn’t lead outside, it’s an internal air well. So sound travels.

Sometimes when he’s especially jubilant, he will interspace his “ROOOOOCK!” with some “WOOOOOOoooooo“s.

Imagine this going on when you’re taking your afternoon nap, or when you’re trying to sleep in late on a public holiday or weekend.

There’s no way to block the sound because he’s so loud. We can even hear him from the car park downstairs sometimes.

3. The crappy bassist

This is the one that irritates me the most. There’s this guy (I assume it’s a guy) who plays his bass guitar full blast. It won’t be so bad if he actually had some skill.

But he’s sooo, sooo, sooo crappy I feel like stabbing my own ears to stop the torture. For one, I can hear that he doesn’t use proper technique. For goodness sake, you’re only using one finger!

And take some lessons! Your timing is all off! And don’t try to play electric guitar solo parts with your bass!


He only plays outdated rock songs from Nirvana, et al. For half an hour. Without stopping. Few times a day. I got to admire his tenacity. He started with Knocking on Heaven’s Door but now he’s moved on to more rocking songs.

And you know, he probably doesn’t know that the bass wavelengths are longer. If he sits right in front of his amp, he won’t be able to hear it as loud as people further away. So he puts it really loud. And the vibrations are absorbed by the condo walls. And it turns my home into a bass amp sound chamber.

OMG. One day I’m going to put MY bass amp to FULL VOLUME and let HIM hear how a bass guitar is SUPPOSED to be played!

But I won’t do that. That just makes me as terrible as him.

And I’m not saying that I’m so great. But I’m much better than him. And I’m sure the entire condo would prefer listening to my MUSIC rather than his NOISE.

Sometimes I’m going to church and I’m actually afraid to let people see me holding a bass guitar. What if they thought that I was HIM!?

So if you live in Shang Villa and you’re one of these three, you better stop (Hah! Fat chance of them reading blogs). The only thing stopping me from coming to your door is I haven’t bothered to hunt you down yet.

I might consider recording some of these sounds for you to hear. Oooh, that’s a good idea. My weekend project!

P/S: Remind me to delete this post when I plan to sell my condo okay?

12 thoughts on “Irritating People”

  1. My thoughts are with you and your wife. I know how it feels to have these kind of noises around as I am also living in an apartment. Ever thought of moving out?

    Adino: Every single day. If we could only afford to.

  2. Living in a house ain’t that much better… oh, the tales I could tell you about my horrible neighbors! Like you, I dream of moving every single day. 🙁

    Adino: Sigh… is there really no hope?

  3. I wonder if i’m that kind of neighbour. Singing out of tune all the time…..shouting….scolding…sighhhhh..hehehe

    Adino: I don’t live next to you wor… but do remember that your neighbours may not enjoy listening to what you enjoy listening to.

  4. That’s why I don’t prefer to stay in an apartment/condo…

    Adino: I also regret, but what to do? This area is so convenient.

  5. Too bad you had such neighbour! There’s always a saying that sort of… ‘I ask God for patient, and He gave me some task’. So, think in positive way, maybe it’s fun sometimes, having guessing game.

    But, for condo, don’t you have a management to complain with?

    Adino: Management here is a bit like Barisan… if you know what I mean…

  6. I see u live in THAT Condo! The way it is build I think u can hear ur neighbours very well. Sorry to hear about your troubles.

    Its the same with my neighbourhood, there is a Karaoke Uncle & Auntie who sings like they are going for an Astro contest each Saturday morning. And no one tells them it is THAT bad!

    Then a door away, we can often hear a crazy dog bark non stop in the middle of the morning like at 2am. It barks like hiccups – every 2 seconds.

    Its too bad I love dogs, otherwise this is one dog I might make an exception to.

    Adino: Bad karaoke and barking dogs do seem worse!

  7. Sigh
    I live in a double story house
    But my story won’t be any better

    Adino: Looks like everyone has their complaints… I guess there is no such thing as a perfect neighbourhood


  8. Reverse situation here.

    Our new neighbor downstairs is extremely unfriendly (and irrational) and says we are too loud, and claims that we are doing that deliberately. I think as an Asian, you should know what “extremely unfriendly” means. This is my first day back to Beijing and it’s already the worst day (it can get worse).

    Adino: You’re back in Beijing? Is is for good, or just for the Olympics?

  9. It’s for the summer only. (and definitely not for the Olympics; we are crowded enough.) Also the air here is awful (can’t wait to get back to school in August).

    Adino: I see. I didn’t know you were from BeiJing


  10. I don’t live in Shang Villa, so the kids playing with blocks cannot be Ethan… *runs and hide*

    Adino: Of course it can’t be Ethan!

  11. I so know how you are feeling. I have been what I felt was the very unhappy recipient of others people’s noisey torment.
    I used to work in a fruit company for up to fifteen hours a day. I was living with a friend who’s daughter vehemently hated me and clearly wanted me off the planet. The only place for me to try to sleep was DIRECTLY under her bedroom. Of course she would drop things continually till around two in the morning on and on and on…
    Needless to say I moved out after a very thorough lambasting of her and her horrid behavior. Just imagine having to get up at four in the morning after an hour or two of sleep and working fifteen hours and then coming home to this day after day!!!
    My absolute best advise is to MOVE as quickly as you can. Like me, you are obviously a person of extreme patience. But being human, your patience can run out like mine almost did. Move, before you can’t take it any more and you find yourself in prison!!!
    Move, put some distance between yourself and these obvious lowlifes. I absolutely applaud you for lasting this long. I really do now, MOVE! Do it for you…!

    Adino: I think your situation was much worse! Thankfully you are not facing that kind of torture anymore!

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