I’m Starting to Panic

It’s only three months to the wedding and I haven’t started planning yet!!

Well, it’s not exactly true that I haven’t started planning, but I have not put serious effort to planning the details. For example, I don’t even know how to confirm theme to our wedding! Thanks to my friends D and L who gave us some suggestions on Sunday night. We are now thinking of a Japanese spring colour theme, with lots of pinks and pastel colours. Hmm… I can’t really visualize how the hotel ballroom will look like.

I haven’t chosen anyone to be the MC for the night. I haven’t decided if the wedding service will be bi-lingual or not. I haven’t chosen the song list. I haven’t confirmed the band. I haven’t got a car for the wedding. I haven’t got my suit yet. I haven’t confirmed my ring bearer and flower girls. I haven’t confirmed the dinner menu. I haven’t printed my wedding invitations! I haven’t confirmed the guest list! I haven’t decided if alcohol will be served or not!! I haven’t arranged for the marriage registration!! I haven’t started getting into shape!!! I haven’t prepared my wedding vows!!!!

I… *pant pant pant*


Pengsan already…

4 thoughts on “I’m Starting to Panic”

  1. Our wedding planner actually gave us a spreadsheet with the details of everything we have to do. Last night Poey Chin and I spent an hour going through the list. I feel much better now. Thanks Pablo for the assurance.

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